16 Best Restaurants in Beyoglu Istanbul

Welcome to our guide on the best restaurants in Beyoglu. Here are our top picks for places to eat and enjoy in Beyoglu.

1) Midyeci Memet

Located on Dudu Odaları Sk, Istanbul, Midyeci Memet offers an unforgettable seafood dining experience. Their simple yet flavorful dishes, such as stuffed mussels and squid, showcase their commitment to freshness and quality. The friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere make you feel at home. With a diverse menu catering to seafood lovers and those seeking new flavors, Midyeci Memet provides great value for money. Situated in the bustling Beyoğlu area, it’s the perfect spot for a quick and delicious meal. The clean and well-maintained dining space enhances the overall experience. Don’t miss out on trying their famous stuffed mussels and oysters, and enjoy the friendly service and cozy ambiance that will make your visit memorable.

Dudu Odaları Sk. No:22 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 249 30 03

2) The Himalayan Restaurant

The Himalayan Restaurant in Beyoğlu, Istanbul offers a delightful dining experience with exotic flavors and a cozy ambiance. They specialize in Nepalese, Indian, and Vegan cuisine, serving mouthwatering thali, vegan dishes, and scrumptious chilli momos. The menu is extensive, catering to various palates. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, praised by guests. Although some dishes may have a wait time of 10-15 minutes, the flavors are worth it. I highly recommend trying the Nepali thali. The restaurant is located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul and can be reached at +90 536 569 02 82.

Beyoğlu İstanbul, +90 536 569 02 82

3) Pera Antakya

Experience Istanbul’s culinary gems at Pera Antakya. This charming restaurant in Beyoğlu offers a delightful blend of Greek, Lebanese, and Mediterranean influences. From delectable meze platters to succulent meat dishes, the menu is a fusion of local and regional specialties. The attentive staff ensures a memorable dining experience, while the cozy ambiance adds to the charm. Pera Antakya may be slightly more expensive, but it is worth every penny. Don’t miss this exceptional addition to Istanbul’s culinary scene.

Balyoz Sk. No:14 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 533 434 18 86

4) Novas Hagiasophia

Novas Hagiasophia in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu neighborhood is a charming restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and delightful Turkish cuisine. The menu offers traditional and contemporary dishes, including Testi Kebab and Pomegranate Chicken. Despite the premium prices, the attentive staff and tranquil setting make it worth the cost. With its enchanting ambiance and irresistible delicacies, Novas Hagiasophia is a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience Turkish cuisine.

Siraselviler Caddesi, Otopark No:1 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 546 124 00 34

5) Tomtom Kebap

Located in İstanbul’s bustling Beyoğlu, Tomtom Kebap offers an enchanting escape for indulging in authentic Turkish cuisine. The cozy ambiance, friendly staff, and delectable menu including hummus, mezes, shish kebabs, and lamb skewers make for a truly memorable dining experience. Affordable prices and the option to dine alfresco add to the charm. Tomtom Kebap is a must-visit for anyone seeking true Turkish culinary delights.

Yeni Çarşı Cd. 39 A Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone:

6) Galata Art Smyrna

Galata Art Smyrna Restaurant Cafe in Istanbul offers a unique dining experience. The cozy interior filled with art and vintage furniture creates a vibrant atmosphere. The menu includes traditional Turkish dishes and international flavors, catering to various dietary preferences. Signature dishes like lamb chops and ravioli are highly recommended. The friendly staff speaks fluent English and provides an English menu with pictures. Although the prices are high, the quality of food and service justifies the cost. The venue doubles as a gallery and bar, serving exquisite cocktails. Two well-behaved cats add to the quirky ambiance. Overall, Galata Art Smyrna is a captivating and highly recommended dining experience for both locals and tourists.

Tatar Beyi Sk. No:3 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 553 338 09 66

7) Yiğit Sofram

Yiğit Sofram Gözleme ve Kahvaltı is a charming breakfast restaurant in Istanbul. It offers authentic Turkish dishes and a cozy ambiance. The menu includes specialties like menemen, kuymak, homemade bread, and a variety of jams and olives. The restaurant has a diverse menu with traditional Turkish breakfast items and sweet treats. The prices are reasonable, and the location is near Istiklal Street. The staff is friendly, and the restaurant is clean. Overall, it’s the perfect choice for an authentic Turkish breakfast in Istanbul.

Kılıçalipaşa Mahallesi Sıraselviler Caddesi, Yeni Yuva Sk. 31 A Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 243 04 33

8) Falafel Koy

Located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Falafel Koy is a popular restaurant known for its delicious falafels and vegan dishes. The menu offers a variety of healthy options, including the falafel plate with laffa bread. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and provides excellent service. Situated near the Taksim area, Falafel Koy is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike who want to experience the best falafel balls in town. Find them at Kumbaracı Ykş. No:69 Beyoğlu, İstanbul, or call +90 552 218 74 94.


9) 3N Sofra Karaköy

Located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, 3N Sofra Karaköy is a charming restaurant with stunning views of the Bosphorus. They serve delicious Turkish cuisine, including their famous kofte. The restaurant also offers a variety of soups, salads, and desserts, including their must-try sugar-free dog dates ice cream. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the prices are reasonable. With indoor and outdoor seating options, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. 3N Sofra Karaköy is a delightful addition to Istanbul’s culinary scene, offering authentic Turkish cuisine, a charming ambiance, and friendly service.

Rıhtım Cd. No:27 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 916 18 91

10) Dükkan Galata

Located at Tatar Beyi Sk. No:15/B Beyoğlu İstanbul, Dükkan Galata offers a cozy atmosphere to enjoy healthy dishes. This cafe is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a quick lunch. Their extensive menu caters to vegan, vegetarian, and health-conscious customers. Specialties like avocado toast, omelettes, and pastrami are a must-try. With a blend of traditional Turkish and fusion items, there’s something for everyone. Situated near Galata Tower, outdoor seating is available. The staff is friendly, but occasional utensil cleanliness issues may arise. Overall, Dükkan Galata is a must-visit spot for foodies and health enthusiasts.

Tatar Beyi Sk. No:15/B Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 537 427 90 30


GALAKTION in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district is a charming Georgian restaurant with a cozy rooftop, delicious food, and stunning city views. The menu offers traditional Georgian dishes like khachapuri and khinkali, along with Lobio stew and Napoleon cake. The prices are reasonable, but reservations are recommended due to the intimate space. The staff is friendly and fluent in English, Turkish, and Georgian. This hidden gem is a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists in Istanbul.

Şehbender Sk. Beyoğlu İstanbul, +90 530 684 76 34

12) Doğacıyız Gourmet

Doğacıyız Gourmet in Istanbul offers an unforgettable Turkish breakfast experience. The cozy neighborhood restaurant serves a sumptuous spread of traditional dishes, including flatbreads, jams, menemen, mezze, olives, sucuk, and hummus. The fair pricing ensures value for money, and the staff is friendly and attentive. Enjoy the beautiful view and relaxing atmosphere while savoring a delicious breakfast. It is a must-try spot in Istanbul.

Akarsu Ykş. Sok. No: 41A Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 532 177 11 18

13) Aheste

Aheste is a top culinary experience in Istanbul. This modern Turkish restaurant offers a delightful and surprising gastronomic adventure with rich flavors from Turkish and Persian cuisine. The beautifully restored building adds to the warm and welcoming ambiance. Aheste’s specialties include delicious meze choices and tasting menus that showcase the best of Turkish cuisine. The menu features signature dishes like octopus, tomato salad, leek, and juicy fish, chicken, and lamb options for main courses. The pricing is reasonable, appealing to a wide range of tastes and budgets. Located in the heart of the bustling Beyoğlu district, Aheste offers exceptional service, a clean environment, and a passionate team of professionals. A must-try dish is the lamb neck with figs and aubergine purée. Aheste has earned a glowing reputation as a unique, fine-dining experience for Istanbul food lovers.

Meşrutiyet Cd. No:107 D:F Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 243 26 33

14) Antakya Mutfağı

Antakya Mutfağı, a hidden gem near Taksim Square, offers an authentic Turkish dining experience. Despite being hard to find and requiring a climb up four flights of stairs, the cozy ambiance and friendly staff make it worth the effort. The menu showcases diverse flavors, including cold mezze platters, flavorful chicken dishes, and delicious kunefe for dessert. The food is affordable and satisfying, with a stunning view of Istanbul’s cityscape. Antakya Mutfağı is a must-visit for a delicious and reasonably-priced Turkish meal, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

Küçük Parmakkapı Sk. No:9 D:4 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 292 44 65

15) Galata Lily Cafe

Galata Lily Cafe restaurant near Galata Tower is a cozy spot with authentic Turkish cuisine. Their specialties include hummus, baklava, falafel, and more. The menu offers a variety of dishes at affordable prices. The staff is friendly and attentive, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The location provides a beautiful view. I highly recommend this restaurant for a flavorful Turkish dining experience in Istanbul.

Lüleci Hendek Cd. no:69/A Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 544 791 02 13

16) Salon GALATA

Salon GALATA in Istanbul offers a unique dining experience with Turkish and international cuisine. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance, breakfast spreads, and a menu featuring Turkish treats and North American dishes make it stand out. Prices are fair, and the location near Galata Tower provides great views. It is also a cozy coffee shop and wine bar. The staff is delightful, making it a must-visit for locals and tourists.

Bankalar Cd. No. 3/A Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 252 72 56

We hope you enjoyed our selection of top Beyoglu restaurants. Stay tuned for more gastronomic guides and reviews. Bon appétit!