The Best rooftop restaurants in Istanbul

Undoubtedly, Istanbul has a significant advantage in terms of geographical location. It is the only city in the world where two continents, Europe and Asia, reach together. Besides that, surrounded by two seas, the Marmara Sea in the south, and the Black Sea in the north, turn this city to environmental heaven. By preserving thousands of historical artifacts, natural sight-seeing, and islands, by turning the head you can see something spectacular.

 This situation has made many restaurants move up to the rooftops and give the pleasure of observing the view while enjoying their food. In this article, I intend to introduce the best rooftop restaurants in Istanbul. So please stay with me.

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Garden 1897 Restaurant: A GEM In Istanbul

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Sultan Ahmad Street is a well-known location where you can enjoy your trip by visiting many historical artifacts such as Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Tomb, and the Obelisk. The restaurant has a great view of all of these views, with a traditional Ottoman empire interior design, and a long list of Turkish cuisines.

The menu has many sections, from cold and hot appetizers to alcoholic, and non-alcoholic drinks. The main dishes are a festival for meat lovers, as the Turkish people are. Although you can find substitute vegetarian foods there, the used ingredients vary from eggplants to veggies, yeasts, and nuts.

If you are looking for a view to enjoy the Marmara Sea, and Golden Horn, this is a place for you. From 2330 reviews, this restaurant received 4.9 out of 5 stars, which is a fantastic result. The reviews mostly appreciate the behavior of staff, the great taste of Turkish cuisines and the view. Dining in this restaurant is a great experience for sure.

Location: Küçük Ayasofya Mahallesi, Inside of Garden House Hotel, Şht. Mehmet Paşa Sk. No5, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul

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Ali Ocakbaşı Kuruçeşme: Listen to the waves

A good place for hearing the sounds of waves, coming and going by the swinging of the boats and small ships in the Bosphorus strait. The restaurant is a fully opened roof, and at any angle, you turn your head, there is a view. It’s so near to the strait that you can count the number of homes on the Asian side of Istanbul. A 360 view that has no place for an excuse not to enjoy.

The restaurant has a good menu, full of marine foods, traditional Turkish foods, and of course, the juicy steaks, which get the best apprizes among other dishes here. The staff are really mannered and respect your need. It might be crowded at night, especially on the weekends, and if you really looking for a peaceful place like this, I suggest you go there for lunch and on business days. The peace and relaxing vibes here make you intoxicated.

 From 220 reviews, it received 4.1 out of 5. The observation here is like no other rooftop restaurant, It’s the pure view.

Location: Kuruçeşme, Muallim Naci Cd. No: 58 / A, 34345 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

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Ararat Terrace Restaurant & Rooftop: Blue Mosque is calling

A budget-friendly restaurant with a fantastic view, located at the peak of Fatih, next to the Blue Mosque, and a great observation of the Golden horn, the Pri9nce islands, Marmara Sea, and the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Despite being an old school Turkish style restaurant, it gained popularity because of years of experience, and the world of mouth spreading of its tasteful meals, making this rooftop restaurant, a permanent destination for tourists.

The range of food on their menu, starts from cold appetizers such as HUMUS, ŞAKŞUKA, and SMOKED SHRİPMS, to CHEESE ROOLS, GREEK SALAD, SPAGETTİ BOLONEZ, ADANA KEBAB, MİX KEBAB PLATE, and many more. You can expect to see the sunset here, from the Marmara Sea horizons, and get a smooth sip of red or white wine and enjoy the view.

From 770 reviews, it received 4.9 out of 5 stars, and when you read the reviews, you barely see any negativity. Everyone appreciates the food, the attitude of the staff, and the view, the magnificent one.

Location: Sultan Ahmet, Torun Sk. no : 3 D:101, 34400 Fatih/İstanbul

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Sky Rooftop Restaurant: Look through the Hagia Sophia

A great observatory rooftop restaurant with the availability to have a view of the Hagia Sophia, the most prominent mosque in Istanbul, and the Marmara Sea. Located on Sultanahmet street, this restaurant offers you to enjoy a list of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, all resemblance of what we know about the Istanbul taste.

The ambiance, the stunning view, the warm and welcoming waters, the great foods and desserts, the view, and almost anything you want, can be found here for sure. The location of the rooftop restaurant, the sky, is on a hotel, and somehow, it’s hard to detect and go there, but since it’s a hidden gem, it deserves to spend time for that.

From 170 reviews, this rooftop restaurant received 4.8 out of 5 stars. Some people come there just because of the breathtaking view, some come here for a specific food or dessert such as puri halwa, or chicken Alfredo pasta, and someone comes here probably to enjoy a chit chat with a friend while having a mixture of all the pleasure here.

Location: Binbirdirek, Klodfarer Cd. No:18, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul

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Queb Lounge Rooftop | Sultanahmet Restaurant: the marine food hub

There are many rooftop restaurants in Istanbul that offer marine foods, and mainly different types of fish, some grilled, some baked in the oven, and some fried. However, if you are strictly looking for the best fish foods, harvested from the sea around Istanbul, the Queb Lounge Rooftop has something to talk about. The restaurant has a rich menu of fish foods, such as Sea bass, Blue Fish, Bonito, Mullet, and Anchovies.

There is no doubt that the best location for enjoying a great view and eating a tasty meal is in Fatih, the old Town of Istanbul, and here you are, this restaurant is located exactly there, with a face to the Golden Horn. The Bosphorus strait, the Marmara Sea, and the Golden horn are all under your sight.

The restaurant also has an uncovered section where you can enjoy the bar and Hookah, in various tastes with fantastic cocktails. From more than 1200 reviews, it received 4.8 out of 5 stars. A great outcome is based on the quality of food, the hospitality of the staff, and of course, the view.

Location: Cankurtaran, The Byzantium Hotel Teras, Akbıyık Cd. No:29 D:Kat, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul

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Roof Mezze 360: beauty everywhere

A rooftop restaurant with really a 360-degree view. It is located on the northern side of Fatih, so you can enjoy the Galata bridge, the Golden Horn River, the Bosphorus strait, and the Anatolian side of Istanbul. The restaurant maintained its traditional design, the Ottoman empire resemblance restaurant style, but that does not mean the foods are all Turkish cuisines.

A multinational menu, with dishes from the Ottoman era to Mediterranean dishes, European dishes, and African. The desserts are a collection of flavors and herbs. You are welcome to have a mixed dish here.

From 1870 reviews, it received 4.8 out of 5 stars. The customers appreciated the food, the mixture of different food regions, the Mediterranean Seafood, and the great desserts, mostly Turkish ones. Although it’s a bit expensive, the service you are receiving, including eh professional hospitality, the tasty food with fantastic design, and the 360 view, has value more than that.

Location: Hoca Paşa, Seres old city hotel, Hüdavendigar Cd. No:25, 34420 Fatih/İstanbul

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Balkon Restaurant & Bar: breeze of Karakoy

A spectacular rooftop in Asmalımescit, Şehbender Street, Beyoğlu, with an experience of more than 18 years, in the heart of the New Town of Istanbul. Here you are not far from modernism, and Taksim square, the Istiklal street which is the beating heart of the Tourism industry of Turkey. In the evening afterward, the Jazz and Soul music, mixed with a breeze from the northern angle, with a list of snacks, main dishes, Italian foods, and many more.

On this side of Istanbul, your view of the sunset is imaginable and dramatic. The whole horizon turns dark red, and nothing can stop you from staring at it. The restaurant received 940 reviews, 4.8 out of 5 stars. The reviews show that the food is not perfect, but ok, and the staff does their best, however, not perfect though. The drinks, the beer and Vodka, the cocktails and soft drinks are fresh and well served. The most cheerful part of the restaurant, undoubtedly, is its view, which robs the eyes of the guests.

Location: Asmalı Mescit, Şehbender Sk. No:5, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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Spago: a child of Wolfgang Puck

Located in Şişli, a high-class rooftop restaurant in a wealthy neighborhood, with lots of outfit brands and international restaurants that established their branch in here. The Spago as one of the multinational restaurants under the supervision of Wolfgang Puck is welcoming the guests in a festival of gastronomy, a brilliance of menu, preserving Italian, and French dishes, a superb cocktail collection, and an unimaginable approach to the Bosphorus strait and Anatolian Istanbul. The view absorbs the glance of guests while a sip of flavored cocktails makes your mind, set on the sun.

The menu is an expensive one, as the starter only costs you around 10$ to more, but the culture of Wolfgang Puck and the service bring an experience to not forget.

The restaurant, however, received 4.2 out of 5 stars, from 850 reviews. Some guests complained about the quality of the food which is not what they expected from a restaurant with this brand on the shoulder. For those at outside tables, the sun’s radiation somehow turned out to be more irritating than joyful.

Location: Harbiye, Mim Kemal Öke Cd. No:35, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul

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