16 Best Restaurants Near Grand Bazaar

Welcome to our guide on the best restaurants at the Grand Bazaar. Here are our top picks for dining and savoring the cuisine.

1) Roof Mezze 360 Restaurant

Roof Mezze 360 is a stunning restaurant in Istanbul with breathtaking views of the city and the Bosphorus. The rooftop terrace provides a magical setting to enjoy the sunset and live violin music. The interior is cozy and decorated with care. The specialty mezze platter is a must-try, but the menu also offers salmon, kebab, and grilled chicken. The prices are high, but the quality and portions are worth it. Located near the Grand Bazaar and Sirkeci, it is accessible to all. The attentive staff, delicious food, and elegant atmosphere make it the ideal choice for an authentic Istanbul dining experience. Reservations are recommended for the best view.

Seres old city hotel, Hüdavendigar Cd. No:25 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 536 418 50 25

2) Mr Cook Restaurant

Mr Cook Restaurant in Istanbul’s Fatih district, near Hagia Sophia, is a charming and affordable eatery. The menu features a variety of delicious Turkish dishes, including kebabs, lamb dishes, mezes, and seafood. Signature dishes like lamb with smashed aubergine and Testi Kebab are highlights. The cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and complimentary baklava make for a memorable dining experience. I highly recommend Mr Cook Restaurant for an authentic taste of Turkish cuisine in Istanbul.

Mr Cook Restaurant, Molla Fenari Sk. No:33 A 34122 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 512 92 04

3) Historic Grand Bazaar Day Day Patisserie

Don’t miss Historic Grand Bazaar Day Day Patisserie in Istanbul. Since 1969, this charming pastry shop offers traditional Turkish delights. Must-try items include their famous apple and tahini-filled cookies. Menu features macaroons and pastries. Reasonable prices. Arrive early, limited quantities. Friendly staff. Clean environment. Authentic Turkish pastries at affordable prices. Cash payments only. Worth a visit for tourists and locals.

İskender Boğazı Sk. No:18 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 519 64 62

4) Gelgör Kebap Salonu

For an authentic dining experience in Istanbul, visit Gelgör Kebap Salonu. Located near the Grand Bazaar, this hidden gem offers a rich Turkish atmosphere and a menu with delicious kebabs and pides. The Adana kebab and Cheese pide are must-tries. Despite its prime location, the prices remain affordable. You can expect complimentary sauces, garnishes, and freshly baked pita bread. The restaurant is conveniently located in Fatih and offers a warm staff, quick service, and a clean establishment. It also has a charming Turkish street view. Gelgör Kebap Salonu is highly recommended for its Turkish cuisine, authentic atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Stop by after a day of shopping and exploring to fully experience Istanbul’s flavors and culture.

İskender Boğazı Sok. No:22, Fatih İstanbul | Phone: +90 212 527 80 31

5) Dürümcü Mustafa

Dürümcü Mustafa is a popular restaurant in Istanbul, known for its delicious Turkish dishes. Specializing in durum, kebab, and grilled delights, the restaurant offers a wide range of menu items to cater to different preferences. With affordable pricing and excellent food quality, Dürümcü Mustafa is a favorite among locals and tourists. Located near the Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet district, it is a convenient stop for those exploring the city. The efficient service, friendly staff, and clean ambiance add to the overall dining experience. Highly recommended for mouthwatering kebabs, hot peppers, and lamb dishes, the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and unforgettable taste will leave you wanting more.

Vezirhan Cd. No:53 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 519 93 28

6) Meşhur Dönerci Hacı Osman’ın Yeri

Meşhur Dönerci Hacı Osmanın Yeri, located in Istanbul’s Fatih district, is famous for its delicious doner kebabs. With a simple menu and speedy service, this cozy hotspot offers various portion options to satisfy any döner fan’s cravings. The unique dining setup adds to the charm, as patrons order at a small stall before enjoying their kebabs in a separate seating area. Known for their quality, the lamb doner is a must-try. Overall, Meşhur Dönerci Hacı Osmanın Yeri is a must-visit for an affordable taste of Istanbul’s best doner kebab.

Fuat Paşa Cd. 16/A Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 519 38 75

7) Yanık Köşk Restaurant

Located in Istanbul, Yanık Köşk Restaurant offers an authentic Turkish dining experience with a panoramic view of the Golden Horn. The warm and welcoming ambiance, traditional Turkish décor, and diverse menu cater to both meat-lovers and vegetarians. Prices are reasonable, and the restaurant is conveniently located near Eminonu center and the Grand Bazaar. The spacious terrace provides a stunning view, and the friendly staff ensures a pleasant visit. Despite minor cleanliness issues, Yanık Köşk Restaurant is a must-visit for an exceptional experience of Turkish food and culture.

Ragıp Gümüşpala Cd. 43A Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 520 21 21

8) Gelgör Kebap Salonu

For an authentic dining experience in Istanbul, try Gelgör Kebap Salonu near the Grand Bazaar. They offer a variety of delicious kebabs and pides, including the popular Adana kebab and Cheese pide. Despite its prime location, the prices remain affordable. The staff is warm and the service is fast. It’s a great place to visit after a day of shopping and exploring.

İskender Boğazı Sok. No:22, Fatih İstanbul | Phone: +90 212 527 80 31

9) Ali Ocakbaşı

Ali Ocakbaşı in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu neighborhood offers stunning views and delicious Turkish cuisine. Ascend to the 4th floor via elevator or stairs for a memorable dining experience. The restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing Istanbul’s old town. Specializing in grilled meats like kebabs and lamb cubes, the menu also features Arabic Mezze appetizers and mouth-watering desserts. Although a bit expensive, the flavors, ambiance, and service make it worthwhile. The staff is known for their warm hospitality. Don’t be fooled by the humble exterior, as the interior and dishes are delightful. Located near the Grand Bazaar, it’s a must-visit for foodies. Make reservations online for the best experience and request a window table. Ali Ocakbaşı offers authentic Turkish cuisine and panoramic views of Istanbul’s history.

Ali Ocakbaşı, Grifin Han, Tersane Caddesi, Kardeşim Sk. No:45 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 293 10 11

10) Seyru Sefa Restaurant

Seyru Sefa Restaurant|Cafe in Fatih İstanbul offers a diverse menu of international and local cuisine. With a stunning view, the restaurant serves delicious dishes like sigara borek, chicken platter, and kebabs. The ambiance is welcoming with a terrace and friendly staff. Complimentary treats like baklava and Turkish tea are available. Though prices are higher, the flavors and setting make it worth it. Conveniently located near the Grand Bazaar, this restaurant is a must-visit for tourists. It creates a fusion of food and views that will leave a lasting memory.

Fatih İstanbul, +90 212 518 21 44

11) ANTAKYA Restaurant

ANTAKYA Restaurant in Istanbul offers a diverse menu with Turkish, Barbecue, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Seafood cuisines. It has positive reviews on TripAdvisor for its food and customer service. The warm ambiance and authentic experience add to the dining experience. The menu is varied and well-priced. It is popular among tourists and locals, with staff fluent in English. While there may be other good options, ANTAKYA is reliable for well-prepared meals. Overall, it is a must-visit for those exploring Istanbul’s culinary scene.

Divani Ali Sk. No:12 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 518 01 17

12) Kybele Hotel

Kybele Hotel, located near Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, offers an authentic Turkish experience. Its restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, and its interior is adorned with Turkish lamps and artwork. The hotel is conveniently situated for exploring attractions like the Basilica Cistern and Grand Bazaar. The menu includes traditional Turkish dishes and international options, and guests can enjoy shisha and cocktails. With reasonable prices and helpful staff, Kybele Hotel is a memorable choice. Some reviews mention service inconsistencies, so guests should communicate concerns. Overall, it provides a unique and culturally rich experience.

Yerebatan Cd. No:23 Fatih İstanbul. Phone: +90 212 511 77 66

13) Seos Cafe Restaurant

Located near the Grand Bazaar, Seos Cafe Restaurant offers a warm ambiance and stunning views of historical mosques. Specializing in Turkish cuisine, their famous Iskender dish stands out. Reasonably priced and accessible, it’s a great dining option after shopping in Laleli. The staff, especially server Farooq, provide exceptional service. While some customers have mentioned inconsistencies in service and undercooked food, Seos Cafe Restaurant is still recommended for its delicious cuisine, charming atmosphere, and remarkable hospitality. A must-visit for those looking for an authentic Turkish food experience in Istanbul.

Makasçılar Cad No:48 D:50 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 511 90 55

14) Galata Olympos Restaurant

Galata Olympos Restaurant, located under Galata Bridge, offers a memorable dining experience with a stunning Bosphorus view. The cozy and elegant ambiance is perfect for any occasion. Fresh seafood, including sea bass and dorada, is a highlight, with fish being weighed in front of diners. The menu also includes calamari, shrimp, and a highly recommended lobster dish. Reviewers praise the excellent service. While some find the pricing high, guests agree that the delicious food, scenic location, and outstanding service make it worth visiting. Don’t forget to explore nearby attractions before enjoying a satisfying seafood feast.

Yeni Galata Köprüsü Altı, Boğaz Tarafı No 5-6 İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 243 82 54

15) Şeyhmuz Kebap Salonu

Located near the Grand Bazaar, Şeyhmuz Kebap Salonu offers a cozy ambiance and delicious kebaps. It’s popular among locals and known for its simplicity. Try their Seyhmus and Mardin kebaps, as well as Civikli and Lahmacun starters. Don’t miss their Bulgur and Tomato Salad. The prices are reasonable, the staff friendly, and the service quick. A must-visit in Istanbul for authentic food and a great experience.

Atik Alipaşa Medresesi Sokak 4/A Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 526 16 13

16) Oz Karadeniz

Oz Karadeniz, located in Istanbul near Sultan Hamamı, offers an authentic dining experience. Beloved by locals and tourists, it serves mouth-watering meat dishes and traditional Turkish plates like kebabs, shish, and shawerma. Pair your meal with Ayran or indulge in pide for a memorable experience. Affordable pricing, hygienic meals, and friendly staff make it ideal for family gatherings or casual meals with friends. Despite slightly slow service during peak hours, it’s highly recommended for authentic Turkish cuisine in Istanbul. Don’t miss out when visiting the Grand Bazaar.

Sultan Hamamı Cd. No:4 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 520 10 71

We hope you enjoyed our selection of top Grand Bazaar restaurants. Stay tuned for more gastronomic guides and reviews. Bon appétit!