16 Best Restaurants to Eat Lahmacun in Istanbul Today

Welcome to our guide on the best Lahmacun restaurants. Here are our top picks for places to eat and enjoy Lahmacun cuisine.

1) Sa Va Anatolian Breakfast House

Sa Va Anatolian Breakfast House in İstanbul’s Beyoğlu district is a delightful local restaurant with a charming ambience. The extensive menu offers a range of gourmet Turkish dishes, including menemen, gözleme, kebabs, and lahmacun. The attentive staff provides polite and professional service, ensuring a pleasurable dining experience. Window seats offer a view of the energetic street life outside, while the welcoming interior is perfect for leisurely meals. Sa Va’s incredible Turkish breakfast, featuring a generous spread of mezze, olives, cheeses, and fresh bread, sets it apart from other restaurants. Customers rave about the flavors and service, and the prices are reasonable. The immaculately clean dining area and prompt service complete the top-notch experience. Sa Va Anatolian Breakfast House is highly recommended for anyone seeking a delicious and traditional Turkish breakfast in İstanbul.

Bakraç Sk. No: 34 A D:B Beyoğlu İstanbul

2) Çığır Lahmacun

Çığır Lahmacun in Istanbul is a must-visit for lahmacun lovers. They serve crispy, fresh lahmacun and delicious ayran in a cozy atmosphere. Their specialty is the thin, crispy crust with generously spiced toppings. They also offer classic lahmacun, pide, and house-made ayran at affordable prices. Although it’s located in a residential area, the authentic local feel and friendly staff make it worth the trip. The restaurant is also clean and offers a pleasant dining experience. If you want to try the best lahmacun in Istanbul, don’t miss Çığır Lahmacun.

Sinekli Bahçe Ar. No:5 D:C Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 545 529 60 78

3) Forno Fırın

Forno Fırın in Istanbul offers a delightful mix of Italian and Turkish food, leaving customers wanting more. The cozy restaurant is perfect for family meals or meet-ups with friends. Their breakfast selection, including homemade jams, croissants, and coffee, is exceptional. The menu includes specialties like lahmacun, pide, soufflé, and apricot treats. The reasonable pricing and attentive staff make for a great dining experience. With delicious food and excellent service, Forno Fırın is a must-visit in Istanbul.

Vodina Caddesi, Fener Kireçhane Sk. No:13/A Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 545 322 30 30

4) Murat Kebap

Murat Kebap in Istanbul is a local gem known for its mouth-watering Turkish cuisine. Despite its industrial surroundings, the restaurant’s warm ambiance and delicious dishes, including lentil soup and pide, have garnered rave reviews. The friendly staff and cleanliness also contribute to a satisfying dining experience. Don’t miss their kadayif dessert with pistachios. Visit Murat Kebap at Rami Kışla Cad. Aydınlar Sanayi Sitesi No:11/K Eyüpsultan İstanbul or call +90 212 612 64 24 for a taste of Istanbul’s finest kebab.

Rami Kışla Cad. Aydınlar Sanayi Sitesi No:11/K Eyüpsultan İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 612 64 24

5) Rakofoli Ocakbaşı

Rakofoli Ocakbaşı is a hidden gem in Istanbul, offering a unique dining experience. Located in Beyoğlu, this rooftop grill and Turkish restaurant provides a breathtaking view of the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge. The entrance is easy to miss, but those who find it will be treated to delicious kebabs, fresh mezze platters, and Lahmacun. The menu caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians, with a selection of alcoholic beverages. Although prices are slightly higher, the incredible view, tasty food, and attentive service make it worth it. The staff is friendly and speaks English, ensuring a great experience for international visitors. The restaurant is also known for its clean and recently renovated bathrooms. Rakofoli Ocakbaşı is a must-visit for anyone in Istanbul looking for a delightful dining experience with mesmerizing views and outstanding service.

Kürekçiler Sok No:12 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 249 23 04

6) Ozcanlar Kebap ve Lahmacun

Located in Istanbul, Ozcanlar Kebap ve Lahmacun Salonu offers traditional Turkish dishes with flair. Their kebabs and lahmacuns are mouth-watering, especially the Adana kebab. The extensive menu caters to all tastes. Enjoy their food with a view of the city or opt for home delivery. Despite some mixed reviews, Ozcanlar offers an authentic and delicious Turkish dining experience, steeped in cultural tradition. It’s a great choice for those seeking authentic Turkish cuisine in a warm and inviting setting.

34200, Canfeda Cami Sk. 7F Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 523 60 61

7) Mevlana Kebap Lahmacun Salonu

When in Istanbul, don’t miss Mevlana Kebap Lahmacun Salonu. Known for mouthwatering kebabs and lahmacun, this cozy restaurant offers delicious Turkish dishes at reasonable prices. Situated in the Çemberlitaş Fatih neighborhood, it provides an open-air dining experience on the second floor. The staff is friendly and fluent in English, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere. Mevlana Kebap Lahmacun Salonu is a favorite among locals and tourists for its impeccable service, cleanliness, and affordability. Don’t forget to try the Turkish tea, baklava, and freshly-baked bread for an authentic experience.

Binbirdirek Mahallesi, Boyacı Ahmet Sokak Aktaş Han 20/A, Çemberlitaş Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 517 39 27

8) Şeyhmuz Kebap Salonu

Located near the Grand Bazaar, Şeyhmuz Kebap Salonu offers a cozy atmosphere for enjoying their delicious kebaps. Popular with locals, the restaurant is known for its simplicity and authenticity. Try their Seyhmus and Mardin kebaps, as well as starters like Civikli and Lahmacun. The Bulgur and Tomato Salad are also tasty. Don’t miss the Kadayif for dessert. Prices are reasonable, making it ideal for a quick lunch or early dinner. The staff is friendly and the service is quick. A must-visit spot in Istanbul for kebap lovers.

Atik Alipaşa Medresesi Sokak 4/A Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 526 16 13

9) Altınkapı İskender Et Lokantası

Altınkapı İskender Et Lokantası is a renowned Turkish restaurant in Istanbul. It offers a cozy ambiance and excellent service. The highlight of their menu is the mouth-watering Iskender kebabs. They also serve traditional dishes like pide and lahmacun, along with a variety of tapas. The restaurant is easily accessible and offers a unique view of Istanbul’s bustling streets. It maintains high cleanliness standards and accepts credit cards. Overall, Altınkapı İskender Et Lokantası is a must-visit for anyone craving delicious food and an authentic local dining experience.

Turgut Özal Millet Cd No:139 D:B Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 529 52 52

10) Öz Kilis Kebap and Lahmacun

Öz Kilis Kebap and Lahmacun Restaurant in Istanbul’s Fatih district offers an authentic Turkish dining experience with a nostalgic Ottoman atmosphere. Known for their delicious Lahmacun, the restaurant also serves a variety of traditional Turkish dishes like Kilis Tava and kofte. Cash is the only accepted payment method. Despite its small size, the friendly staff and great value make it a hidden gem away from the city crowd. It’s the perfect place to start your gourmet journey in Istanbul, with fast service and a diverse menu. Come hungry and ready to try new flavors!

Bedrettin Simavi Sk. 5/A Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 523 44 57

11) Ziya Şark Sofrası Sirkeci

Located in Fatih, Istanbul, Ziya Şark Sofrası Sirkeci is a humble kebab shop that offers some of the finest street food in the historic city. The atmosphere of the restaurant is vibrant and bustling, attracting both tourists and locals, making it an ideal place to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal. The menu boasts exceptional dishes such as lahmacun, pide, lentil soup, and a variety of kebabs, with the lamb kebab served over eggplant receiving enthusiastic praise. Traditional appetizers and delightful desserts like kunefe are also featured on the menu, all at reasonable prices, ensuring there is something to suit every palate. Conveniently located near the Dervish show, this restaurant is easy to find and offers a fantastic view of the lively neighborhood. Guests have described the service as prompt and efficient, with attentive and helpful waiters. The restaurant maintains a high standard of cleanliness, both inside and in the outdoor seating area. Some customers have noted that the dining area can get a bit crowded, but the enjoyable atmosphere only adds to the overall experience. While a few reviews have mentioned greasy dishes, the majority of patrons have found the food to be flavorful and of excellent quality. It is worth noting that a 10% service fee is automatically included, which may not be appreciated by some guests. Overall, Ziya Şark Sofrası Sirkeci stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone in search of authentic Turkish cuisine. If you find yourself in the area, this restaurant comes highly recommended for a culinary adventure.

15/A Hocapaşa Camii Sokak, Hoca Paşa Sk. Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 512 11 50

12) Günaydın Kebap & Steakhouse Maçka

Günaydın Kebap & Steakhouse Maçka in İstanbul is a top-notch restaurant with a cozy ambiance. It offers a variety of delicious meat dishes, appetizers, salads, and traditional Turkish desserts. The open kitchen adds to the dining experience. The restaurant provides open-air seating with stunning views of the Bosphorus. The attentive staff and charming atmosphere make guests feel at home. I highly recommend this restaurant for an unforgettable night out.

Bayıldım Cd. No:2 Beşiktaş İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 258 12 03

We hope you enjoyed our selection of top Lahmacun restaurants. Stay tuned for more gastronomic guides and reviews. Bon appétit!