13 Delicious Restaurants to Explore in Kadıköy

One of the most popular areas of the food and beverage industry in Istanbul is Kadıköy. It is located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul and Kadıköy is one of the biggest districts of this side.

Even the famous shopping and food district Bagdat Avenue also locates in Kadıköy. For that reason, I wanted to suggest to you some mouth-watering options to explore in Kadıköy.

You may be vegetarian, vegan or you just may not like meat. No need to worry, my options include every cuisine.

From Turkish pita, doner, and kebab to sushi, Italian food, American food, Lebanese food, and more; you may find the best fit to try according to yourself. After all, it will be your decision. Hope you will enjoy it!

I already hear some thoughts saying “Enough with the introduction, let’s skip to the places shall we?”. So, below you may find some delicious places to visit.

1- Welcome to the Land of Schnitzel in Schnitzel Landmann

Image Credit: Schnitzel Landmann Instagram (@schnitzellandmann.tr)

If you love and crave schnitzel, Schnitzel Landmann is the place to go. Schnitzels are coming from Vienna. No kidding, they have a branch also in Vienna, you can check.

Another amazing thing about the restaurant is that they have many different schnitzel types; Wiener Schnitzel (the original one from Vienna), Cordon Bleu (schnitzel with cheese and ham), schnitzel with only cheese, salads with schnitzel, schnitzel burgers, and so on.

You can even decide whether you’d like a potato salad or fried potatoes. Isn’t it amazing? They also have alcohol, just saying! The prices are also kind of budget-friendly.

Price range: Approximately $22  for two

Here’s the address: Suadiye Mahallesi, Bağdat Caddesi, Kazım Özalp Sokak, No: 8, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 515 63 21

2- Keep the Pitas coming from Bafra Pide

Image Credit: Google Images

Who wants to try some Turkish pitas? For the ones who don’t know what pita is, it is kind of like pizza but with flatbread, instead of round.

Just like pizza, it can be only with cheese, with vegetables or with meat. So that makes Turkish pita vegan-friendly. You may find lots of places for pita but my recommendation for you is to try Bafra Pide.

They also have round pitas that are looking like pizza. The name of the restaurant came from the original Bafra, a region in Samsun, Turkey. The pitas are famous in that region, here is another reason to try!

Price range: Approximately $9 for two

Here’s the address: Zühtüpaşa Mahallesi, Hasan Amir Sokak, No 21/A, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 349 49 59

3- For Some Delicious Burger Try Vintage Burger

You may have heard of Nusr-et’s new burger restaurant Saltbae. Instead of recommending that place, I would recommend you to try Vintage Burger! They are more affordable and the menus are bigger than Saltbae’s.

Vintage Burger has many kinds of burgers. You may find the one you are looking for.

My favorite is “Just Cheese Burger” which includes loads of cheese; double cheddar and double mozzarella, yum! But there are also burgers with mushrooms, chicken burgers, falafel burgers for vegan customers, mini burgers, and more.

Sometimes I find myself being indecisive about what to eat with that many options.

Price range: Approximately $17 for two

Here’s the address: Caddebostan Mahallesi, Noter Sokak, No: 18, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 360 00 19

4- Experience Lebanese Kitchen with Tahin Moda

Image Credit: Tahin official website

Hey vegan friends and vegan food lovers! This place is for you. Tahin is a restaurant chain that brings us some Lebanon air with their Lebanese foods. You may find Tahin in many central places in Istanbul, but as for Kadıköy there is one in Moda district.

I am especially in love with their falafels. Believe me, I have never eaten falafels which are more delicious than Tahin’s. It was the best one that I have had.

Of course, there are other foods than falafel like different kinds of hummus, non-vegan foods such as meatballs, chicken, etc. but Tahin is a well-known vegan restaurant, specialized in falafel.

Price range: Approximately $12 for two

Here’s the address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Dr. Esat Işık Caddesi, No 2/A, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 345 83 82

5- Feel the American Vibe with the Crepe Escape

We all can take the hint that “The Crepe Escape” is most famous for its crepes and pancakes. Besides that I love crepes and all kinds of desserts, if you are not much into desserts I have good news for you: They also have food! But if you are a dessert addict just like me, I would suggest you try Nutella Mascarpone Pancakes. They are just delicious.

The Crepe Escape is also vegan-friendly. They have different kinds of food such as burgers from pancakes instead of buns. Honestly, I have never tried them but I think I will try them soon.

Price range: Approximately $11 for two

Here’s the address: Caddebostan Mahallesi, Bağdat Caddesi, Beyaz Akasya Sokak, No: 4, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 408 23 05

6- Feel Turkish Culture in Your Bones with Çiya Sofrası

For those who want to try Turkish food, especially kebab, I would suggest Çiya in Kadıköy. They have various kinds of kebabs and also lahmacun (another Turkish food similar to pizza but way thinner), pitas and tapas. Çiya also has traditional Turkish desserts such as baklava, katmer, künefe.

Çiya is a place where you can experience Anatolian cuisine. They serve most of their food in a steel plate. Portions of the foods are quite satisfying. You can find many different options to choose from, which are also popular in different regions of Turkey.

The place is very close to Moda district. Çiya would be the right place to experience Turkish kebab and Turkish desserts. The restaurant has two floors. If you do not smoke, you can choose to sit upstairs to avoid cigarette smoke.

The owner of the place is a well-known chef Musa Dagdeviren.

Price range: Approximately $19 for two

Here’s the address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Güneşli Bahçe Sokak, No 43/A, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 330 31 90

7- Inhale Some Italian Air with Aida Vino e Cucina

Image Credit: Aida Vino e Cucina Facebook

Hey there, wine and Italian food lovers! This place comes to you. Aida Vino e Cucina would be one of the best places in Kadıköy to organize an Italian night. All of their foods are Italian cuisines such as pasta, pizza, cheese, meats, bruschetta, soups, and the most famous Italian desserts.

Aida Vino e Cucina is a great option for the wine and dine concept. In my opinion, you may also celebrate your anniversary or just organize your casual reunions, up to you!

The ambiance of the place is vintage but cute. The place was warm enough to make you feel at home with the design and their staff. And one other note, they also have gluten-free foods!

Price range: Approximately $31 for two

Here’s the address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Moda Caddesi, Ressam Şeref Akdik Sokak, No 10, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 969 04 80

8- Tavern Time in Hane Kadıköy

Image Credit: Google Images

Do you want to experience what Turkish taverns are like? Hane is a great place to experience Turkish style tavern. You can drink some Turkish raki or wine or beer. The decision is yours.

There are various kinds of tapas. You can even choose a fixed menu if you go there with a group that also includes alcohol (raki or wine).

The menu has the main food too but in general, when you drink raki and when there are tapas on the table, you don’t need to order the main food. The ambiance of the restaurant is similar to other taverns of Istanbul.

Price range: Approximately $41 for two

Here’s the address: Osmanağa Mahallesi, Mimar Çıkmazı Sokak, No:7, Kadıköy Merkez/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 550 00 02

9- Ororo Sushi Bar for an Asian Night

Image Credit: neyesekneiçsek Instagram account

A great option for sushi lovers is coming! Although sushi, one of the most delicious dishes of the Far East cuisine, is usually made from raw fish, there are also versions made with cooked fish. In addition to the sushi restaurant chains that many of us are familiar with, ororo seems to be a more local sushi restaurant.

Currently, it has only two branches in the Kadıköy area. One is in a small but cute place in Moda and the other is in Caddebostan, a place with a slightly larger and pleasant ambiance.

Ororo is definitely a sushi restaurant that deserves all the praise. You will not regret trying it with a wide variety of sushi menu and flavors! I will share both of their addresses with you, just in case.

Price range: Approximately $24 for two

Here are the addresses:

  • Caferağa mahallesi, Fırıldak Sokak, No: 14/17, Moda, Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Caddebostan Mahallesi, Yener Sokak, No: 5, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 345 01 81 (Moda)

10- Eat Delicious Doner in Tarihi Mercan Dönercisi

Image Credit: Tarihi Mercan Dönercisi Instagram (@tarihimercandonercisi)

Another national dish of Turkey, doner, is a cut of meat served quite thin. It is especially famous in Bursa, Turkey, but you can find the same flavor around the country. You can eat doner as a wrap, with rice or as a kebab, all kinds are very delicious.

I prefer to eat doner over rice at Tarihi Mercan Dönercisi. The portions are very satisfying and I like the doner of that restaurant.

The location of the restaurant is in Feneryolu, this place can be considered as the head of Bağdat Avenue.

Price range: Approximately $9,5 for two

Here’s the address: Feneryolu Mahallesi, Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Caddesi, No 102/A, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 519 26 20

11- Smell the Fresh Baked Products in Beyaz Fırın

Image Credit: Google Images

Here we come to my favorite restaurant chain in Istanbul! Actually, it would not be a lie if I said I kept the surprise for the end. Beyaz Fırın is my favorite restaurant in Istanbul with its dishes, cakes as well as all other desserts and pastry products.

Hungry and unsure of what you want to eat? Then Beyaz Fırın is the right place for you.

There are salads, hamburgers, pita, pizza, pasta, main course, snacks, healthy products, whatever you are looking for. My favorite dish here is “Chicken with Tabbouleh”.

Tabbouleh, the famous salad of Lebanese cuisine, is a very satisfying meal with grilled chicken and baked potatoes.

I recommend you to try the non-food desserts, don’t worry, the gluten-free options are also quite diverse! It has a few branches in Kadıköy, but only in the Suadiye and Kadıköy center region as a restaurant, others are patisseries. But I will write down all Kadıköy addresses in case you want to visit.

Price range: Approximately $18 for two

Here are the addresses:

  • Fenerbahçe Mahallesi, Operatör Cemil Topuzlu Caddesi, No 21, Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Caferağa Mahallesi, Mühürdar Caddesi, No 6, Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Caddebostan Mahallesi, Yener Sokak, No 9, Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Suadiye Mahallesi, Bağdat Caddesi, Plaj Yolu Sokak, No 18, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone numbers: +90 (216) 302 00 00 (Fenerbahçe)

+90 (216) 345 39 56 (Kadıköy Center)

+90 (216) 360 90 90 (Caddebostan)

+90 (216) 464 20 00 (Suadiye)

12- One Fine Kebab Night in Develi

Image Credit: Google Images

If you want to eat kebab accompanied by a pleasant view, Develi Kalamış will be a good choice. Develi, located in the marina on the Fenerbahçe coast, is a very famous restaurant with its kebabs. It is a bit more expensive than Çiya Sofrasi and it is a restaurant chain that appeals to a higher segment.

However, it is a very satisfying place in terms of both dessert options and kebab variety. Eating kebab with alcohol in Develi and enjoying the view should definitely be on your to-do list on your Istanbul trip!

Price range: Approximately $54 for two

Here’s the address: Kalamış Marina – Amiral Fahri Korutürk Yat Limanı, Fenerbahçe Mahallesi, Münir Nurettin Selçuk Caddesi, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 418 94 01

13- Discover Various Kinds of Meat in Brasserie Polonez

Image Credit: Brasserie Polonez official website

If you crave meat in Kadıköy and are looking for a nice meat restaurant, my first recommendation would be Brasserie Polonez. Brasserie Polonez’s meat is very high quality and this is also the restaurant of Polonez Sausages in our country.

Therefore, breakfast is different and the dinner is delicious and enjoyable. Especially squint and entrecote are my favorites. As a salad, I suggest you choose the “Chef’s Salad” option, it is a very satisfying option compared to other salads.

Price range: Approximately $35 for two

Here’s the address: Caddebostan Mahallesi, Bağdat Caddesi, No 291/C, Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone number: +90 (216) 302 05 20

I shared my recommendations for more than 10 kinds of restaurants and every cuisine that you can discover when you come to Istanbul. I hope you enjoyed your reading and look forward to exploring it. Because there is not much of a restaurant in Istanbul, especially Kadıköy is an indispensable part of the Anatolian Side in this regard! I wish you a delicious trip! Stay healthy!


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