15 Best Restaurants in Ephesus Izmir in 2024

Ephesus is renowned for its historic sites. Though it is distant from Izmir’s center, it is connected to the city. Located in Selçuk, the restaurants, and cafes in Ephesus are adorned with traditional items, exuding an ancient charm. While the dishes are similar to those in larger cities like Istanbul and Ankara, the atmosphere in Ephesus carries a rich historical scent. Without further ado, here are my recommendations for dining and drinking in Ephesus restaurants and its surroundings, encompassing a variety of cuisines.

1- Enjoy the tastiest pita in town with Selçuk Pidecisi

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We all love pastries, especially the ones filled with cheese and meat. As pitas are kind of traditional food in Turkey, you may find them in Ephesus too!

According to travel and place reviewing websites, Selçuk Pidecisi ranked as the best place to eat in Ephesus. People are claiming that their pitas are the best in town and the prices are pretty much affordable, just like we wanted!

Selçuk Pidecisi has many options to choose from, such as; various kinds of pitas, salad, meatballs, lahmacun, appetizers. The place is also vegan-friendly, just saying for the vegan ones!

I couldn’t reach the price info about the place but it has been described as a cheap one compared to the places with the same dish category. Selçuk Pidecisi is open every day from 10 AM to 10.30 PM. You can visit whenever you like!

Here’s the address: Ataturk Mahallesi Uğur Mumcu Sevgi Yolu No:12/A, Selçuk/İzmir

Phone number: +90 545 532 02 14

2- Have your meal with a view in Ayasoluk Restaurant

Image Credit: Official Instagram account (@ayasolukotel)

The name of this restaurant comes from the historical place Ayasoluk. The place is also known for its view as this restaurant. The good news is that this place is not just a restaurant, it is also a hotel. So, you can stay during your trip.

Every meal would be very pleasant in this place owing to the landscape. You can have some breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this place. The place is specialized in fish, seafood, and grill. Their kitchens are the Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle East, and International.

The place has a set menu for the dinner, you can choose your dish, salad, soup and dessert together. It will cost you around 15$.

The restaurant is a bit expensive compared to the other restaurants in the neighborhood, but it is worth it. If you decide to visit Ephesus in the winter season, the inside of the restaurant is also pretty cozy.

Another note about the place is; the precautions for COVID-19 is very strict, so the place is quite trustworthy. Here is another reason to visit this place!

Ayasoluk Restaurant has an amazing view. Now I am craving a cup of coffee with this kind of view!

Here’s the address: Ayasoluk Otel, Atatürk Mahallesi, 1051. Sokak, No 12, Selçuk/İzmir

Phone number: +90 232 892 33 34

3- Taste the traditional food in Mehmet and Ali Baba Kebab House

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As Turkey is famous for its kebab, here is a place that you can taste our traditional food in Ephesus. Mehmet and Ali Baba Kebab House ranked in a high place between the spots in Ephesus.

Mehmet and Ali Baba Kebab House has various kinds of kebab. Also they do have fish, meatballs, vegetables and desserts. Their specialized kitchen is Turkish and Middle East. The spot is also vegan-friendly.

According to the visitors, the prices are reasonable. Of course, the price depends on what you eat but the average price is around 8$.

If you are craving for kebab and Turkish cuisine, this place might be a great option for you.

Here’s the address; Ataturk Mah. 1047 Sok. No: 4 / A Ephesus Müzesinin Yanı, Selçuk 35920 Türkiye

Phone number; +90 232 892 38 72

4- Enjoy your meal in Ejder

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Ejder is a place that you would feel at home. As the restaurant is a family business, it is easy to feel like your mom is making you some food. 

According to the reviews of the restaurant, the most mentioned foods are; pita with herbs, skewers, meatballs on tile and leaf wrap. The portions are quite satisfying. The prices are a bit higher than the usual of the neighborhood.

Ejder is specialized in Mediterranean, Turkish and Middle East kitchens. The place is also vegan-friendly and they have gluten-free options too. The average price would be 9,5$.

Ejder is located in Yedi Uyuyanlar region of Ephesus, which has the Seven Sleeper’s Cave as a touristic spot.

Here’s the address; Ataturk Mah. Cengiz Topel Cad. no:9 Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 232 892 32 96

5- Feeling Mediterranean in Agora Restaurant

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Anyone who wants Mediterranean food, raise your hand! I found the best place in the neighborhood. Agora restaurant has ranked as the 7th best restaurant in Selçuk, the city where Ephesus is located.

The place is specialized in Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine however, the restaurant also has vegetarian and gluten-free foods. Agora Restaurant is located right next to the Ephesus Archeology Museum.

Agora Restaurant has two must-try desserts which are; Artemis and Agora’s Special. They didn’t write what those desserts include but all of the reviews have been claimed as delicious for these desserts.

Also, don’t forget to eat some meze! Their mezes are just delicious, just saying.

Here’s the address; Ataturk Cad. Agora Çarşısı no:2 Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 292 892 30 53

6- Have some coffee in St. John Coffee Shop

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The name of the cafe is coming from St. John, who also has a basilica in the neighborhood. I have already mentioned who St. John is and his history, why he has a basilica here, in the previous article.

Now it’s time to sit down and have some coffee, or tea, whatever you like. St. John Coffee Shop is so cozy and enjoyable. All the reviews claiming that the coffee here is delicious.

The place also serves food, if you are hungry. St.John’s Coffee Shop has snack foods such as toast and salad, but also desserts. It has been on service since 2006, and they are still pleasing their customers.

You can even celebrate your birthday at St.John’s Coffee Shop. The hosts of the coffee shop are very welcoming and warm.

Here’s the address; Ataturk Mahallesi Uğur Mumcu Sevgi Yolu No:4, Selçuk/İzmir

Phone number; +90 232 892 40 05

7- Visit Bizim Ev Hanımeli Restaurant for home made dishes

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Missing home-cooked dishes? No problem. Bizim Ev Hanımeli Restaurant has various kinds of home-cooked dishes to choose from.

If you are done with the touristic places and you want to have a peak on the local ones, Bizim Ev Hanımeli Restaurant is one of them! The restaurant’s concept is open-buffet, so you can pick whatever you want and you can decide your portions!

Another good thing about Bizim Ev Hanım Eli Restaurant is; there are vegetables, chicken, meat, pasta, soup etc. As the place has many options, it would be easy to please everyone!

If you can’t decide what to eat or you are craving more than one thing, this place will come to your rescue!

Here’s the address; Şirince Yolu 2. Km. Selçuk Merkez, Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 532 481 28 06

8- Sit around the greens in Çadır Cafe

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Çadır Cafe has a restaurant and bar concept. The place is spacious and especially outside is full of nature! You can just sit outside and listen to the voice of nature.

Çadır Cafe has breakfast and lunch for the day and then it turns into a bar concept. You can drink some wine, beer or cocktails. They have many kinds of alcohol, dessert, and main course. In my opinion, this place would have to be on your list.

As the bill would depend on what you eat and how much you drink, there have been any average price reported.

Smell the nature, listen to the birds and sound of silence, enjoy!

Here’s the address; 1047. Sokak, Selçuk/Türkiye

9- Enjoy the outdoor sitting in Cafe Carpouza

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Another outdoor sitting place on the list is Cafe Carpouza. This place has only a cafe concept but, you can drink some alcohol in here too. The name of the cafe comes from George Karpouza, who built the first hotel here in Selçuk.

Cafe Carpouza is ideal for families as they have an ample fenced yard that kids can play. According to the reviews about the place, the prices are reasonable and, the cafe has a relaxed atmosphere.

If you are looking for some peaceful spots in Selçuk, Cafe Carpouza should be on your to-go list.

Here’s the address; Argenta Cad. no:8 Selçuk/Türkiye

10- Have a breakfast in Maza Kitchen

Image Credit: Official Instagram account (@maza_kitchen_)

Breakfast is another thing in Turkey. We have very long-lasting breakfast sessions, especially on Sundays. Our breakfasts last longer than usual ones, with lots of tea.

Moreover, Maza Kitchen has a mixed breakfast concept. Mixed breakfasts are the ones that have many kinds of food including pastry, eggs, olives, jams, cheese, etc. They are presenting us with an amazing Aegean breakfast!

Maza Kitchen is also a hotel, so you can stay here during your Ephesus trip! The hotel of the place is called Nea Efessos. All of the visitor reviews are mentioning their breakfast. In my opinion, it is worth a shot!

The place was constructed in Ancient Greek architecture type.

Here’s the address; 14 Mayıs Mah. Zeynel Irmak Cad No : 30 – Yeni Şirince Yolu Çıkışı, Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 232 892 65 55

11- Eat some delicious food in Yedi Bilgeler Restaurant

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Yedi Bilgeler is a vineyard that also serves food. So, you can do some wine tasting while you are here. Yedi Bilgeler is also a hotel, this could be heaven. Vineyard, restaurant, and hotel at the same time!

Yedi Bilgeler is specialized in Mediterranean, European, Turkish, Wine Bar, and Contemporary cuisine. They are also vegetarian-friendly.

Yedi Bilgeler is open every day from 11.30 AM to 10.00 PM. You can visit whenever you like, but I suggest you visit there in the afternoon, to see the sunset.

The average price you’ll pay in Yedi Bilgeler would be around 24$. But don’t forget that prices might change depending on your food and drink choices. The food servings look very original and yummy!

Here’s the address; Döltenaltı Mevkii. No:1 Gökçealan Köyü, Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 530 068 96 62

12- You will feel the ethnic origin inside you in Kalehan Otel Restaurant

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Kalehan Hotel is an example of old architecture. The hotel is in a beautiful location around the castle, temple, museums as well as the national park and parks.

Ejder Restaurant which I mentioned above, also locates here. But Kalehan Restaurant is a different one. The place has an ethnic atmosphere. Kalehan Restaurant is specialized in Turkish, Mediterranean, and healthy cuisine.

Kalehan Hotel Restaurant has many kinds of vegetables, meat, and patties. They also have breakfast. The place is inside the hotel, so I suggest you check the hotel to find the way to the restaurant.

Here’s the address; Atatürk Cad. No: 98 Kalehan Otel, Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 232 892 61 54

13- Wine and dine in Çiy Restaurant

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Çiy Restaurant is claiming itself as “The only winery restaurant” of the region. There are tanks in the production area. You can see oak barrels and bottled products in the cellar area.

During the vintage period, you have the right to see, watch, and participate at any time in the vineyards and wineries. While having your meal, you can watch the production activities in the winery from the restaurant balcony.

Except for the vintage period, they leave the wines to rest and mature. Çiy Restaurant has delicious food and wine. It is the best place in Ephesus for happy hours and wine and dines.

The place also offers hotel facilities. The location of the place is in the same place as Yedi Bilgeler. But they are two different places in the same area. Çiy Restaurant is specialized in Mediterranean cuisine.

Don’t forget to drink some wine and to do wine-tasting. The places which contains vineyards inside of them has more delicious wine rather than the branded wines as they are producing themselves.

Here’s the address; Döltenaltı Mevkii. No:1 Gökçealan Köyü, Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 549 640 04 01

14- Don’t worry, be Happy in Eski Ev Restaurant

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Eski Ev Restaurant is a family business. The family has a daughter who is 7 years old and she helps her parents to run the cafe. It is so adorable!
The name of the place means “Old House Restaurant” in English. So the place looks old but also cozy, traditional, and quaint.

According to the reviews, Eski Ev Restaurant is ranked as the 9th best restaurant in Selçuk. The most mentioned food in here is chicken kebabs and anything related to chicken. I suppose the place is famous for its chicken dishes.

Eski Ev Restaurant also has traditional foods such as baklava and gozleme. Gozleme is a food that contains phyllo dough and curd cheese or minced meat.

Baklava is an amazing dessert which contains pistachios or walnuts. In my opinion baklavas with pistachios is tastier, but this place has only the ones with walnuts.

Eski Ev Restaurant has grilled meat kinds and daily fixed menus. If you like cozy and ancient places, this place would be a must for you to go to!

Here’s the address; Atatürk Mah.1005 Sok. No:1/A, Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 536 255 37 45

15- Nostalgic vibes in Yavuz’un Yeri

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Yavuz’un Yeri has a different concept than other places. The restaurant locates in the Yedi Uyuyanlar district. Yavuz’un Yeri even has a different seating arrangement with no chairs, just cushions.

In Turkish tradition, especially in the eastern regions in Turkey, we can see that kind of seating arrangements more often. Besides, the tables are also different than any other places. Just like the arrangement on the eastern side of Turkey.

Yavuz’un Yeri has mixed breakfast or breakfast plate options for a breakfast meal. There is also gozleme, just like in Eski Ev Restaurant, the one that I have mentioned above. The place also has appetizers and meatballs, chicken, and meat as the main course.

If you want to experience the eastern side of Turkey’s eating culture, you should visit this place for a better experience. Yavuz’un Yeri is open from 8.30 AM to 11.45 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 12 AM on weekends.

Here’s the address; Ataturk Mah. Yedi Uyuyanlar Mevki, Selçuk/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 232 892 46 56

This list could be longer. There are around 100 restaurants in Selçuk region. But according to my research, these places were the best ones compared to the others. Some of the places have about the same concepts, so it would be your decision which one to go!

Selçuk and Ephesus are nice places to discover Turkish traditions and history with their touristic spots and local restaurants. As you can see, there are lots of options in here including traditional Turkish food and European cuisines. Recommendations are on me, decision is on you!