21 Awesome Things to do in Kusadasi

Kuşadası is a neighborhood that is inside Aydın city. The place would be in our mind within the first three summer holiday spots in our country. Kuşadası stands out as a place preferred by individuals who are tired of the busy crowd of Alaçatı and Bodrum.

However, this does not mean that Kuşadası is a destination where you only go when you want to escape from the crowdedness of Alaçatı and Bodrum. Of course, Kuşadası has both locals and tourists who love there very much.

You need an average of 2-3 days to visit all the places to visit in Kuşadası. However, I suggest you stay here for 4-5 days to travel around. To avoid weathering temperatures, I recommend you to go there in the spring months due to the Aegean Region climate.

Here are the places you can visit and things-to-do on your Kuşadası trip.

1- An amazing sightseeing in Güvercinada Castle

Güvercinada Castle was built by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha to protect the city from possible attacks during the Morea revolt in the Ottoman period. Due to its location, it is located at the mouth of Kuşadası Bay and protects the port.

It is known that the history of Güvercinada Castle dates back to the 1830s. Because it is such a historical castle, it has become one of the symbolic values of Kuşadası. Güvercinada Castle has undergone many years of restoration.

Walls are surrounding the island the castle. It is known that these walls were built by Ilyas Ağa to protect from the Morea Revolt during the Ottoman period.

Güvercinada Castle is a point mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s famous Seyahatname. This place is also known as Pirate Castle, as it serves as an outpost against island pirates.

When the lightning is on in the evening, it makes a spectacular scene in Kuşadası. But of course, I have to say that, it also has a splendid view during the day. The watchtower inside the castle also attracts attention.

Güvercinada Castle is located about a 10-minute walk from the center of Kuşadası. You do not have to pay any fee to enter the castle and you can visit between 9 AM and 22 PM every day.

Address; Hacıfeyzullah, Kuşadası/Aydın

2- This park is different than the others: Kuşadası National Park

Image Credit: Gezicini

National Park is located within the borders of Aydın province and has a very large area. The National Park is located within the boundaries of Kuşadası, Söke, and Didim districts. Kuşadası National Park is also known as Dilek Peninsula National Park.

The most important feature of this park is the botanical garden where almost all plants are seen together naturally, it hosts wild animals, rich fish diversity, and hundreds of bird species. Kuşadası National Park is also known as a natural wonder with historical and cultural richness.

The National Park is the only nature museum where the plant species that exist in all Anatolian lands are seen together naturally.

Due to this rich diversity, the Dilek Peninsula has been accepted by the European Council as the “Flora Biogenetic Reserve Area” in the European Biogenetic Reserves Scheme.

This area is of international importance due to its biological diversity, endangered creatures, and plant diversity specific to its location. This peninsula is protected by the international Ramsar, Bern and Rio Conventions, and Barcelona Convention.

Address; Kemal Arıkan Cad. Güzelçamlı, Kuşadası, Güzelçamlı, Kuşadası/Türkiye

3- Wander in Kaleiçi streets

Kaleiçi is located behind the Historical Castle Gate as one of the historical areas and symbolic structures of Kuşadası. There is also a large bazaar in Kaleiçi.

It is a place with a very original appearance with its historical houses and cobbled streets. Therefore, I recommend you to add Kaleiçi to the list of places to visit in Kuşadası.

Kaleiçi is considered the heart of the region because it is located in the very center of Kuşadası. It is also very successful in reflecting the historical and cultural life of the region with its bazaars, cafes, historical buildings, and shops.

Located in the Kaleiçi region; Kaleiçi Mosque, Kaleiçi Bath, and Historical Kaleiçi Walls are places that should be seen as touristic areas. In Kaleiçi, there are many cafes, bars, and restaurants that look specific to the region where you can experience the nightlife of Kuşadası.

Address; Camikebir, Bozkurt Sk. Kuşadası/Aydın

4- Best place for olive lovers: Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil History Museum

Image Credit: Oleatrium official website

Oleatrium was formed by combining the words Olea (olive) and atrium (courtyard) in Latin and means olive courtyard. The museum was created to leave a legacy to the future by reflecting the olive’s connection with Anatolian and Mediterranean history.

The museum was initially opened as an exhibition hall, and later gained the status of a private museum in 2012.

Oleatrium is located in Davutlar town of Kuşadası. The transformation of olives into olive oil from the Ancient Period to the present day is explained in the museum in its most natural form.

At the entrance of the museum, there is a market where tokens bought to enter the museum are sold, a space is reserved for barcovision display, a gift shop, olive oil, and wines.

There are 11 exhibition halls in the museum and these include technologies developed in olive oil production following the historical chronology of olives and different usage areas of olive oil.

All of this information is explained to the visitors with barcovision screenings accompanied by works and animations.

The most striking areas in the museum, each hall having a different feature; Cellar, Roman Bath, Winery, Transition Period, Roman Period, and Archaic Period.

The museum is now closed due to the pandemic. But according to the official website, they will open it again on the 1st of May. Normally, the museum is open every day between 9.30 AM to 5 PM. There is a 2,5 $ entrance fee. The last tickets of the day are sold 30 minutes before closing hour.

Address; Caferli Mahallesi, Atatürk Cad. No:128 Kuşadası/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 256 681 21 48

5- An amazing cave: Zeus Cave

Zeus Cave is located at the entrance of the Dilek Peninsula National Park. Zeus Cave takes its name from the sky god Zeus, whose name we hear a lot in Greek mythology, and also has a historical value.

In the story of the cave, whenever Zeus angered his brother Poseidon, he took shelter in this cave while protecting the sea from Poseidon, who turned the seas upside down and created a tsunami with his triple spear.

According to another narration, the queens and princesses swimming in this cave, and when they look carefully at the cave, they see the reflection of Zeus’ face.

This cave was formed by the abrasion of calcareous rocks by groundwater and a pond was formed with the water accumulated in the sinkhole due to the collapse that occurred over time. Tourists who come to visit the cave mostly prefer to swim in this pond and enjoy the cave environment.

I recommend you to wear non-slippery shoes and slippers while visiting the Zeus Cave in order not to lose or injure yourself. To go to Zeus Cave, you can take the Güzelçamlı-National Park minibusses, which depart from Kuşadası center at certain times.

The place is open to visit 24/7.

Address; Güzelçamlı, Kuşadası/Türkiye

6- A museum which has miniature works: Necati Korkmaz Micro Miniature Museum

Turkey’s first micro-miniature museum date last Necati Korkmaz as Micro Miniature Museum was opened to visitors in 2018. The smallest works of art in the world are exhibited in this museum.

The works on display are so small that you cannot even examine them without the aid of a microscope and magnifying glass. Pretty interesting!

The museum took its name from the famous sculptor Necati Korkmaz. Since all the works in the museum are his works, they named the museum after him.

There are quite interesting pieces in the museum. For example, the rosary made of fig seed written by ninety-nine names of Allah, the smallest Koran in the world, and the smallest trinket in the world is just a few of these works.

At the entrance of the museum, you can buy it as a souvenir from the work on pumpkin seeds made by Necati Korkmaz or on the necklaces from India. The prices of the products also range from $ 6-92.

The museum operates between 09:00 and 18:00 every day. The museum does not have an entrance fee yet, but it is said that a fee of about $ 1.5 will be set in the near future.

Address; Camikebir, Kuşadası/Türkiye

7- Another amazing view in Sevda Hill

Sevda Hill is located on Kese Mountain and hosts a magnificent view. Although Sevda Hill is normally called the hill of Kese Mountain, the people of Kuşadası call it Sevda Hill.

There is also a giant Atatürk statue on the hill. This statue is so magnificent that you can see it even from the district center. There are also seating areas such as pergolas and camellias.

You can enjoy the wonderful view of the Aegean Sea on Sevda Hill in a peaceful manner.

Sevda Hill’s reintroducing work into tourism was initiated in 2017. With these studies, it is aimed to turn Sevda Hill into a more lively tourism destination by building new enterprises such as observation terraces, rock roads, amphitheater, parking lot, tower, restaurant, and tea garden.

Address; Hacıfeyzullah, Kuşadası/Türkiye

8- A symbolic statue of the city is Hand Sculpture

Hand Sculpture is known as one of the symbolic structures of Kuşadası. The statue is located in İsmail Cem Friendship and Peace Square. Holding a few black pigeons and a white dove in the palm, this white hand sculpture is also one of the locals’ favorite spots with its sea view.

The Hand Sculpture and the nearby park is mostly crowded, especially in the afternoon and evening. In the exhausting heat of the morning and noon, stopping at this square does not seem a good idea for the locals.

Because of the high temperature, it may not be possible to sit around and watch the view. But in the evening, especially at sunset, when both the colors of the sunset and the stance of the statue combine, a wonderful view emerges.

Address; Türkmen, Kuşadası/Türkiye

Now, let’s have a small break. You must be tired of walking, even if you are not, it’s time to have fun! Let’s explore some coasts, beaches, and aqua parks. In this part of the tour, we are treating ourselves with entertainment!

Here are some of the well-known places to swim, to tan and to have fun like kids.

9- Let’s slide in Adaland Aquapark

Image Credit: Adaland official website

Adaland is located in Çamlimanı in Kuşadası. It is a great holiday and entertainment spot for families with children.

There are fun water activities in Adaland such as slides, rafting, swimming with dolphins, and pool. These are not only for kids but also for adults. But especially this is the indispensable point of children in Kuşadası.

You can have a fun and adventurous day in this water park thanks to the interesting and enjoyable water slides, activity pools, jacuzzi, spa, and massage areas.
The most popular slides here are; Loop Pink & Loop Blue slide, itself taking full 360 degrees in the air, Slide & Fly where you fly while sliding, the turquoise Freefall slide, the longest slide in the world (406 meters) Amazon Family Slide, etc. There are many more slides like those.

There is an entrance fee of $ 20 for children between the ages of 4-9 and $ 28 for individuals over 10 years old. Adaland is open everyday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Address; Çamlimanı Mevkii, Kuşadası/ Türkiye

Phone number; +90 256 618 12 52

10- Reminiscing Pirates of the Caribbean: Tortuga Pirate Island Theme & Water Park

Tortuga Pirate Island Theme & Water Park is a water park with a pirate island theme. You can find adventure, fun, and peace together in the water park in the Connect Atlantique Holiday Club located in Kuşadası Beach Sites!

In Tortuga Pirate Island you can have fun all day and get away from the city and relax in an exotic environment.

In the facilities, there are 8 different pools and 14 different water slides including Pirate children’s pool, Mini children’s pool, Wipe-out activity pool, Octopus swimming pool, 3 falling pools, and Calm River. The part of the park for children is called ‘Kids Club’.

There is a DJ performance here all day long. In addition, a restaurant/cafe serves right next to the pool for those who want food and beverage service.

There is an entrance fee for the island. For the children between 4-12 years old, the fee is 9,5$. For the adults, the fee is 11$.

Address; Karaova, Atlantique Holiday Club Akdeniz Yolu No:5, Kuşadası/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 256 633 13 20

11- A colorful aquapark: Aqua Atlantis

Aqua Atlantis is a colorful water park full of pools and slides located in the Sahil Sites in the Soğucak region of Kuşadası.

Aqua Atlantis provides service in Risus Resort, which is very popular among hotels in Kuşadası. By the way, it’s not a bad idea to stay in a place with a water park. There are many activities suitable for both children and adults in Aqua Atlantis.

Here, there are three separate entertainment sections: volleyball court, basketball court, and Mini Club. Mini Club serves children with its pool and water slides suitable for children.

Besides, many kinds of flavor points such as Fast Food, Tropic Bar, Pool Bar, ice cream, and hookah are offered to your service.

There is an entrance fee which will cost you around 7$ for the weekdays and 10$ for the weekends.

Address; Karaova, Mustafa Birden Sok. Sahil Siteleri 20/A, Kuşadası/Türkiye

Phone number; +90 256 633 32 31

12- Ladies Beach, but not only ladies

Although the name is Ladies Beach, men and children can also enter this place. It is located approximately 2-3 km from the city center of Kuşadası. It will be enough to follow the Güvercinada road to go to Ladies Beach.

The beach and the sea on the beach are sandy, there is not much stone. Since the sea level is also shallow, it is a great option for families with children. But since it is very busy at noon, it is a good idea to go early. Also, since the beach is a public beach, there is no entrance fee.

There are showers and toilets built by the municipality on the beach. You only need to pay a sunbed rental fee to private businesses on the beach to benefit from sunbeds and umbrellas. The pricing of businesses also varies between 2,5-5$ per person.

Address; Kadınlar Denizi, Kuşadası/Türkiye

13- A famous beach of Kuşadası: Sevgi Beach

Sevgi Beach is located in Davutlar, half an hour away from Kuşadası. The beach has a fairly long coastline. It is known as one of the favorite beaches of vacationers. It is especially preferred due to its proximity to the Dilek Peninsula National Park.

However, as it is quite crowded during the summer season, you may need to go early. Its sea and beach are sand-sea levels that are not very deep, so it is a beach where children can go easily.

Since Sevgi Beach is also a public beach, there is no entrance fee. If you want to rent a sunbed, you have to pay between 1.5-2.5 $ per person.

By the way, Sevgi Beach is the beach where one of the most popular festivals of Kuşadası, the Kuşadası Youth Festival, is held.

The Youth Festival, which is usually held in the summer months such as June and July, will not regret going with a few days of fun activities and full concerts!

Address; Davutlar, Kuşadası/Türkiye

14- A 1st degree protected beach: Yılancı Burnu Beach

Just look at this view! Isn’t the mixture of green and blue look mesmerizing? I am so fell in love with that view. Yılancı Burnu Beach is located in a bay, which is known for its view overlooking Güvercin Island and is considered as a 1st degree protected area.

In the bay where Yılancı Burnu Beach is located, there is a place that is operated as a beach during the day and as a club at night. The beach of the beach is not very wide, it may be difficult to find a place in this respect.

The sea is a bit stony but not disturbing. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can wear sea shoes. Besides, the beach is very clean and the sea is very clear.

Address; Kadınlar Denizi, Yılancı Burnu Mevkii, Kuşadası/Türkiye

15- A 5 kilometers-long beach: Pamucak Beach

Although Pamucak Beach is connected to Selçuk as a region, I wanted to include it in my Kuşadası list because its location is just off Kuşadası.

The beach is located within the borders of Gebekirse Lake National Park. 5 km from Pamucak Beach. Its length can give the impression that the beach is endless.

Pamucak Beach is a blue flag beach. So what is this blue flag? The blue flag shows that the sand of the beach is soft and the sea is only sand. A great choice for those who do not like stony beaches.

Besides, since this is a public beach, entrance is free. It is good to go to these free beaches early, especially before noon. Otherwise, you may have trouble finding a place.

Address; Ahmetbeyli, Selçuk/Türkiye

And the last beach of the list is coming right up.

16- A great beach choice: Kuştur Beach

Kuştur Beach, located in Kuştur district of Kuşadası, is also a blue flag beach. Kuştur Beach is very close to the city center.

You can reach the beach in approximately 15 minutes with the number 1 Kuştur buses departing from Kuşadası center. The beach and the sea of the beach have a sand floor, but there are occasional rocks in the sea.

The buses number 1, which you will use to reach Kuştur Beach, move at regular intervals between 7 AM and 12 AM, seven days a week during the summer season.

By the way, there are many hotels in the back of the beach. Therefore, you can also look at Kuştur location for accommodation in your holiday plan.

Address; Bayraklıdede, Kuştur Önü Yolu Cd., Kuşadası/Türkiye

17- A marina and shopping center: Setur Marina Kuşadası

Setur, is a marina on the Aegean coast. It is the place where you can be closer to Ephesus. Setur is also a shopping and tourism center where the most famous cruises routes are crossing. The place has a natural beauty, authentic handcrafts, and a very rich and bustling world.

Setur has a perfect service both in the marina and in technical support with their quality standards. The place is the largest marina in the Aegean region.

Setur Kuşadası Marina is very close to the famous historical and touristic centers of attraction in the Aegean region. As the marina is a perfect place for fishing, fishing tours are organized, especially during winter. Setur Marina offers diving school and diving tours.

There is an ongoing modernization investment for the marina. When it will be completed, Kuşadası Marina will be a 5-gold-anchor marina.

Also, Setur Kuşadası Marina is one of the most important marinas where yachters can have compulsory procedures such as entry/exit, and passport checks are being performed.

Address; Türkmen, Atatürk Blv., Kuşadası/Türkiye

18- A Byzantine legacy: Kurşunlu Monastery

Kurşunlu Monastery has a magnificent view since it is 600 meters high.

Christians came to the area where the monastery was to escape the persecution and oppression they experienced in the 8th century. After that, various churches and monasteries were built here due to the increasing Christian population in the region.

The exact date of construction of the monastery is unknown, but it is estimated that it belongs to the 11th century and was built by the Byzantines. Inside the monastery, there are sections such as the cellar, cellar, monk’s room, infirmary, refectory.

Apart from that, there is a chapel inside the monastery. You must see this chapel. The decorations and depictions on the ceiling of the chapel describe the persecution and oppression of Christians who fled in the 8th century.

The monastery is close to Davutlar region. You need to go towards Davutlar and you can take the minibusses to the monastery from there.

Address; Davutlar Yolu 10. Km., Davutlar, Kuşadası/Türkiye

19- Feel the Ottoman culture in Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravansary

Öküz Mehmet Pasha Caravansary was built in 1618 by the grand vizier of that period against attacks from the sea. The caravansary has two floors and a large courtyard in the middle.

Öküz Mehmet Pasha Caravansary has undergone a major restoration, but even the restoration did not compromise this mystical structure and historical atmosphere.

Even Evliya Çelebi included Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravansary in his book Seyahatname.

The caravansary was rented by an enterprise in the 1960s and built a touristic accommodation facility here. Currently, you can stay in the rooms on the upper floor of the caravansary.

Since the structure of Caravansary is made of stone, the rooms are quite cool in summer. Besides, the rooms have very interesting names such as Omelette, Ox, Kiraz, Athlete, Cici.

There are many birdhouses in the caravansary. Swallows, pigeons, etc. coming to these nests. The birds are enhancing the atmosphere of the caravansary.

In the downstairs rooms, there are shops where jewelry, carpet, etc. products are sold.

20- A place with an interesting story: Milet

Image Credit: Gezipedia

Milet is a place to visit around Kuşadası. The place is in Didim, a neighbor to Kuşadası. Approximately 2000 years ago, Söke plain was completely sea, Milet was a beautiful city on the edge of this sea.

Miletos Apollo and the son of Crete princess Minos founded this city. Miletos, who was left to the mountain by his mother and father, was raised by wolves on the mountain.

When Miletos grew up, he landed in the city. She married Kyene, the beautiful daughter of the Menderes River in the city, and founded the city of Miletos.

The sea was filled with alluvial deposits carried by Büyük Menderes for 2000 years, so Milet was far from the sea.

Miletus is also known as the capital of philosophy. Because the foundations of philosophy and thought were laid by philosophers from Miletus.

The amphitheater in Milet Ancient City is a must-see structure. The amphitheater, which preserves its first day’s appearance from the past to the present, is admirable.

Address; Balat, Hacılar Sk No:9, Didim/Türkiye

21- There is only one family in Old Doğanbey Village

Image Credit: Izmir Dergisi

Doğanbey Village is an old Greek settlement located on the Dilek Peninsula. It became a Turkish village after the immigration in 1924. Looking at the village, it looks like typical Greek architecture.

The rooms of the houses were built far from each other and with a large courtyard. The name of the village was formed by the evolution of the word “Domatia”, which means “rooms” in Greek, into Turkish.

The first settlements in the village started in 1850. The Greeks who escaped from malaria with the decree of Sultan Abdulaziz were the first to settle in this village.

The most well-known house in the village is the house called “The Priest’s House.

Only one family currently lives in the village. Apart from that, there is a flower called a “purple cup flower” that grows only in this village in the world.

Mimar Sinan University has been working on making the old Doğanbey Village a fine arts village.

The atmosphere of Doğanbey Village, which is quite calm and peaceful, will make you feel at the beginning of the 1900s. At the entrance of the village, there is the promotion center of Dilek Peninsula National Park and a museum.

Address; Eski Doganbey Koyu, Söke/Türkiye

My Kuşadası tour list ends here. In this article, we discovered both the regions with beautiful views, pleasant beaches, and adventurous water parks of Kuşadası. We also talked a bit about history.

My favorite part of the tour was the water parks, of course. I told you but in case you have forgotten; it is enough to spare 2-3 full days for Kuşadası. Since it is not a big place, you can go to neighbor areas on the other part of your holiday. For example, you can visit Ephesus or Didim for a day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I tried to include every interesting places in Kuşadası. Have a nice trip, physically or mentally; in case you are imagining while reading. Until next time!


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