6 Places to Eat Mussels in Istanbul

Welcome to our guide on the best Mussel restaurants. Here are our top picks for places to eat and enjoy Mussel cuisine.

1) Midyeci Memet

Midyeci Memet in Istanbul offers a memorable seafood dining experience. Their simple and unpretentious ambiance allows their flavorful dishes, such as stuffed mussels and squid, to shine. The friendly staff creates a welcoming atmosphere. With diverse and reasonably priced options, Midyeci Memet is perfect for seafood lovers on any budget. Located in Beyoğlu, it is convenient for both locals and tourists. The restaurant provides a clean and well-maintained dining space, ensuring a pleasant experience. Don’t miss the must-try stuffed mussels and oysters, which have received rave reviews. Experience unforgettable dining with friendly service and cozy ambiance at Midyeci Memet.

Dudu Odaları Sk. No:22 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 249 30 03

2) Divella Bistro Restaurant

Divella Bistro in Istanbul offers a diverse menu with Turkish, Italian, seafood, and steak house cuisine. The restaurant’s location near iconic landmarks provides stunning views for diners. The seafood plate, clay pot, katmer, octopus, and stuffed mussels are popular dishes. The pricing is reasonable, and the restaurant maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The staff is friendly and fluent in English. TripAdvisor reviews describe the restaurant as friendly with superb food and service. In my opinion, Divella Bistro is a must-visit spot in Istanbul. Address and Phone: Cankurtaran mah. akbıyık caddesi, Adliye Sk. no:11 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 552 880 21 31.


3) Eleos Restaurant

Eleos Restaurant on İstiklal Street offers an unforgettable seafood experience. The cozy and elegant atmosphere includes a terrace with a beautiful Bosphorus view. Impeccable service, cleanliness, and a diverse menu with standout dishes like grilled octopus and marinated sea bass set this restaurant apart. Prices are mid to high, but the quality and complimentary dishes make it a worthwhile investment. Eleos is conveniently located near shopping areas, making it great for exploring Istanbul. Guests praise the attentive staff. Reservations are recommended for a sea view table. Overall, Eleos is a must-try for seafood lovers, offering delicious food, a great ambiance, and exceptional service.

İstiklal Cd. No:231 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 244 90 90

4) Eminönü Gala Kokoreç

Located in Istanbul, Eminönü Gala Kokoreç is a hidden gem for authentic street food. They specialize in offal pot cooking and barbecue dishes, offering mouth-watering kokoreç sandwiches and stuffed mussels. Situated near tourist attractions, the restaurant provides a unique view of the bustling streets. The staff is friendly and attentive, providing exceptional service. With its diverse flavors, affordable prices, and charming ambiance, Eminönü Gala Kokoreç is a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

Kutucu Sk. No 21 Fatih İstanbul, +90 538 773 41 95

5) Balikci Sabahattin

Balikci Sabahattin in Istanbul’s Fatih district is a must-visit for seafood lovers. The restaurant offers a pleasant ambiance and outdoor seating in their garden. The menu features a variety of delicious seafood dishes, including calamari, sea bass, and shrimp stew. Prices are reasonable compared to other eateries in Istanbul. Located in a quieter area, the restaurant provides a peaceful escape from the city noise. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the restaurant is clean. Overall, Balikci Sabahattin offers a genuine taste of Turkish cuisine and is sure to leave you wanting more.

Seyit, Şht. Hasan Kuyu Sk. No:1 Fatih İstanbul, Phone: +90 212 458 18 24

6) Kral Kokoreç Sirkeci

Located in Istanbul, Kral Kokoreç Sirkeci is a bustling eatery known for its authentic offal barbecue dishes. The restaurant offers a range of mouth-watering options at affordable prices, with the highlight being the fatty and delicious Kokoreç. The outdoor seating allows diners to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Istanbul. While some patrons have mixed reviews about the staff and cleanliness, the restaurant comes highly recommended for anyone seeking a taste of authentic Kokoreç.

Büyük Postane Cd. No 26/1 Fatih İstanbul, +90 212 513 64 93

We hope you enjoyed our selection of top Mussel restaurants. Stay tuned for more gastronomic guides and reviews. Bon appétit!