5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Urgup Today

Urgup, a charming town in Turkey, is a paradise for seafood lovers. With its diverse culinary landscape, it hosts an array of restaurants that offer an unforgettable gastronomic journey through the bounties of the sea. Here, we delve into the five best seafood restaurants in Urgup, each offering unique flavors and experiences.

1) Prokopi Restaurant: Prokopi Restaurant: Where Sea Meets Land

Prokopi Restaurant, located in the heart of Urgup, stands as a culinary beacon for seafood enthusiasts. This restaurant is widely recognized for its diverse menu, centered around the bounties of the sea. Offering an array of fresh, delectable seafood dishes, Prokopi guarantees a delightful dining experience for all. 

Their specialty dishes feature a variety of fish, shellfish, and other marine delicacies sourced responsibly to ensure freshness and sustainability. Patrons can also enjoy a selection of local and international wines, thoughtfully curated to complement the seafood offerings. 

Prokopi’s ambiance subtly reflects the nautical theme, providing a warm and cozy environment that enhances the overall dining experience. From casual diners to seafood connoisseurs, Prokopi Restaurant promises an unforgettable encounter with the sea’s best, right in the heart of Urgup.

Address: Yunak, Tevfik Fikret Cd. No:40, 50180 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Türkiye

2) urgup pide ve kebap salonu: Embracing the Heritage of Turkish Cuisine

Urgup Pide ve Kebap Salonu, situated in the vibrant town of Urgup, offers an authentic taste of traditional Turkish cuisine. This establishment specializes in Pide, a popular Turkish pizza-like dish, and various types of Kebap, showcasing the diversity and depth of flavors in these classic Turkish delicacies. 

The menu at Urgup Pide ve Kebap Salonu ranges from the richly seasoned Adana kebap to the cheese-filled Karadeniz pide, along with a variety of meze and salads to balance the palate. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, each dish is prepared with care to preserve the essence of traditional Turkish cooking techniques. 

The restaurant’s simple yet warm setting invites patrons to enjoy a leisurely meal while soaking up the local culture. Urgup Pide ve Kebap Salonu, a go-to spot for traditional Turkish fare, is a culinary treasure in the heart of Urgup.

Address: İmran, Ürgüp Otogarı, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Türkiye

3) Sofra Restaurant: A Symphony of Authentic Turkish Flavours

Nestled within the picturesque locale of Urgup, Sofra Restaurant is a haven for food lovers seeking to explore traditional Turkish cuisine. The menu is a delightful blend of regional and national dishes, offering patrons a rich and varied gastronomic journey through Turkey’s culinary landscape. 

The restaurant is well-known for its Anatolian specialties, which include a broad selection of meat dishes, vegetarian options, mezes, and desserts. These dishes are meticulously crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, enhancing their authenticity and flavor. Additionally, Sofra Restaurant showcases a selection of local wines, adding to the culinary experience. 

The setting is reminiscent of a traditional Turkish home, further reinforcing the authenticity of the dining experience. With a well-curated menu and a welcoming ambiance, Sofra Restaurant stands as a culinary landmark in Urgup, offering patrons an immersive taste of Turkey’s food culture.

Address: Temenni, Atatürk Blv. No:25, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Türkiye

4) Sushi cappadocia: Fusion of Japanese Tradition and Cappadocian Charm

Situated in the heart of Urgup, Sushi Cappadocia is a unique culinary hub offering an enticing blend of traditional Japanese sushi and regional flavors. As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in sushi, providing an extensive menu that features a wide array of Nigiri, Sashimi, and Maki rolls. 

Each dish is meticulously prepared with high-quality ingredients, featuring fresh, locally-sourced fish alongside imported Japanese specialties. Besides sushi, the restaurant also serves a selection of other Japanese dishes, complementing the sushi offerings with warm Ramen bowls and flavorful Bento boxes. 

The modern yet cozy ambiance of Sushi Cappadocia is a perfect blend of Japanese simplicity and Cappadocian charm, contributing to a unique dining experience. By bringing authentic sushi to the heart of Urgup, Sushi Cappadocia stands as a bridge between two rich culinary traditions.

Address: Kavaklıönü, Şht. Cem Bul Cd. No:35 D:1, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Türkiye

5) Aydede Restaurant Mangalbaşı Ürgüp Şubesi: The Heart of Turkish Barbecue

Aydede Restaurant Mangalbaşı Ürgüp Şubesi, located in the scenic town of Urgup, is a celebrated venue for experiencing traditional Turkish barbecue, or ‘mangal’. The restaurant is famous for its assortment of grilled meats, with a menu featuring everything from juicy lamb chops to succulent beef kebabs. 

In true mangal style, dishes are prepared on an open flame grill, imparting a distinctive smoky flavor that is intrinsic to this cooking method. Alongside the grilled specialties, the restaurant also serves a variety of traditional Turkish appetizers, salads, and desserts. The ingredients are locally sourced to ensure freshness, contributing to the vibrant and hearty flavors of each dish. 

The restaurant’s ambiance is both casual and inviting, making it an ideal spot for social gatherings. Aydede Restaurant Mangalbaşı Ürgüp Şubesi is a true embodiment of Turkish barbecue culture, providing a memorable dining experience for both locals and visitors.

Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No:9, 50700 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Türkiye


Each of the seafood restaurants in Urgup offers its own distinct flavor, making the town a culinary destination that caters to a variety of palates. Whether it’s the traditional Turkish fare, the innovative fusion cuisine, or the tantalizing seafood dishes, there is something for everyone in Urgup. Explore these culinary gems and experience the richness and diversity of Urgup’s seafood scene.