6 Best Seafood Restaurants in Kas Today

Dining in Kaş, Turkey, offers an unforgettable experience, with its wealth of eateries each bringing unique flavors and experiences. Whether you crave the taste of the sea at a seafood-centric spot, or seek the lively atmosphere of a traditional meyhane, Kaş has a restaurant to suit every palate.

1) Keyf-i dem Kaş: A Culinary Voyage Under the Sea

Keyf-i Dem Kaş is a remarkable seafood-centric restaurant nestled in the heart of the beautiful coastal town of Kaş. As a seafood restaurant, it centers its menu around the bounty of the local sea, offering a diverse array of dishes that cater to both traditional and contemporary palates. 

Visitors can savor delicacies ranging from perfectly grilled fish to succulent shellfish, each dish showcasing the freshness and flavor of the Mediterranean. Their offerings extend beyond the expected, encompassing a broad spectrum of sea-to-table dishes. Embracing seasonal ingredients, Keyf-i Dem Kaş ensures a dining experience that changes subtly with the rhythm of the sea and the time of year. 

Yet, it isn’t just the food that makes Keyf-i Dem Kaş stand out; its ambiance is warm and inviting, making it an ideal place for both casual meals and special occasions. This restaurant’s menu is a love letter to the sea, inviting guests on a culinary journey that is as vast and varied as the ocean itself.

Address: Andifli, Hükümet Cd. No:4, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

2) Helios Meyhane: Embark on a Gastronomic Journey Under the Aegean Sun

Positioned in the heart of Kaş, Helios Meyhane is a charming dining establishment that beautifully marries the essence of traditional Turkish ‘meyhane’ culture with a creative culinary approach. A meyhane is a traditional Turkish tavern where people gather to enjoy meals and drinks, often accompanied by music. 

Embracing this communal ethos, Helios Meyhane’s menu features an array of meze, small plates that encourage shared dining experiences. Their food primarily leans toward Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and fresh catch from the surrounding sea. An impressive selection of seafood dishes, from lightly grilled calamari to classic Aegean fish stews, graces their menu. 

However, Helios Meyhane’s culinary repertoire isn’t confined to seafood. It offers an array of other dishes that highlight the region’s produce and traditional cooking methods. This, coupled with the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, makes Helios Meyhane an enriching gastronomic destination in Kaş.

Address: Andifli, Hükümet Cd. No7, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

3) The Kaş Beach: Delightful Eats by the Turquoise Sea

The Kaş Beach, located in the idyllic coastal town of Kaş, is more than just a beautiful seaside spot—it’s also home to a fantastic restaurant. This establishment takes full advantage of its breathtaking location by offering a dining experience that pairs the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape with the diverse flavors of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Given its seaside location, 

The Kaş Beach restaurant excels in seafood dishes, presenting a menu that features everything from grilled fish to seafood pasta. However, it doesn’t shy away from other culinary delights, including a range of meat and vegetarian options, thus catering to varied dietary preferences. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, local ingredients ensures the food is as vibrant as the setting. 

Eating at The Kaş Beach restaurant is not just about nourishment, it’s about the whole experience—appreciating the stunning view, savoring the delightful food, and immersing oneself in the charming coastal atmosphere.

Address: Andifli, andifli mh., hastane cd, Necipbey Cd. no:15, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

4) MANOS GREEK TAVERN KAŞ: A Slice of Greece in the Heart of Turkey

Manos Greek Tavern Kaş is an exceptional dining establishment in the picturesque town of Kaş that offers an authentic taste of Greek cuisine. This restaurant captures the traditional flavors of Greece in its comprehensive menu, delivering a transnational gastronomic experience without leaving Kaş. 

Patrons of Manos can expect a wide range of Greek classics, from succulent souvlaki and creamy moussaka to delicately prepared seafood dishes showcasing the region’s bountiful marine offerings. 

Despite its Greek focus, the menu is not short of Turkish influences, making Manos a unique fusion of these two vibrant culinary cultures. Coupled with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of a traditional Greek tavern, Manos provides an immersive dining experience. Whether it’s a casual meal or a special occasion, Manos Greek Tavern Kaş serves as a culinary bridge between Turkey and Greece, making it a must-visit spot for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: Andifli, 1. Çukurbağlılar Sk. No:3/E, 07530 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

5) Maşuk Meyhane Kaş: Delight in Tradition, Relish the Taste

Nestled in the enchanting town of Kaş, Maşuk Meyhane offers a truly traditional meyhane experience paired with exquisite flavors. A ‘meyhane’ is a Turkish tavern, a place for social gatherings, filled with lively conversation, accompanied by delicious food and drinks. Upholding this heritage, Maşuk Meyhane’s menu is a delectable display of traditional Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. 

While the seafood dishes are a definite highlight, reflecting the local abundance of fresh marine produce, the restaurant also offers an assortment of mezes (appetizers), grilled meats, and vegetarian options. Each dish at Maşuk Meyhane is prepared using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring the taste is as authentic as it is appetizing. 

Alongside the food, the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of this eatery allows patrons to soak in the traditional meyhane culture. In essence, Maşuk Meyhane is not just a restaurant but a journey through the rich culinary traditions of Turkey.

Address: Hükümet Cad, Liman Sk. Yanı No:6, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

6) Cafe Corner Restaurant: A Delightful Intersection of Comfort and Cuisine

Situated in the scenic coastal town of Kaş, Cafe Corner Restaurant offers a cozy and relaxing dining experience, serving a diverse menu that caters to an array of tastes. Despite its name, Cafe Corner Restaurant is more than just a cafe. It provides a comfortable setting where patrons can enjoy everything from hearty breakfasts to delightful dinners. 

While the menu includes a variety of cuisines, it places a particular emphasis on Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, showcasing the rich flavors and fresh ingredients typical of the region. Seafood, a local favorite, features prominently in the menu, along with a selection of vegetarian and meat dishes. 

What sets Cafe Corner Restaurant apart is its dedication to quality and its welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular spot for both locals and visitors. It’s a perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring Kaş, or to simply enjoy a flavorful meal any time of day.

Address: Andifli, İbrahim Serin Cd. No:20, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye


From the ocean’s bounty at Keyf-i Dem Kaş to the charming traditional setting of Maşuk Meyhane, from the authentic Greek tastes at Manos Greek Tavern to the comfort cuisine at Cafe Corner Restaurant, Kaş showcases its gastronomic brilliance in every corner. Embarking on this culinary journey in Kaş is to taste the heart of Turkish and Mediterranean hospitality and culture.