9 Best Restaurants With View in Alanya

Welcome to Alanya’s culinary scene, where restaurants are more than just places to eat – they’re experiences that blend flavor, ambiance, and culture. From panoramic views to generations-old recipes, each eatery has a unique story to tell. Let’s explore some of Alanya’s finest dining establishments that promise to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and memories.

1) Kale Panorama Restoran: Elevate Your Dining Experience

Perched on the zenith of Alanya’s horizon, the Kale Panorama Restoran offers more than a meal—it offers a visual symphony. As you sit, you’re greeted with vast panoramic views that evolve from sunlit landscapes to a cityscape illuminated by stars and streetlights. The restaurant’s menu is an ode to Alanya’s culinary wealth. Here, you’ll find dishes that celebrate local ingredients: succulent lamb cooked to perfection with herbs sourced from nearby farms and pastries that are a beautiful melange of crunch and sweet honey. The ambiance, combined with the tantalizing dishes, promises not just a meal, but a memory.

Address: Tophane, Kale Cd., 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

2) Green Beach Restaurant: Where Flavor Meets the Sea

Where the sparkling blue of the sea meets Alanya’s pristine sands, you’ll find the Green Beach Restaurant. The ambiance is dominated by the soothing sounds of waves, creating a tranquil symphony for diners. The menu mirrors the vastness of the ocean. Fresh seafood, from tender fish marinated in Mediterranean flavors to sumptuous crab salads, takes center stage. Each bite is a testament to the sea’s freshness and the chef’s prowess. It’s more than a meal; it’s a maritime journey right on the beach.

Address: Saray, Güzelyalı Cd. No:33, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

3) Mahperi Restaurant: Where Culinary Dreams Come True

Tucked within the charismatic historical precincts of Alanya, the Mahperi Restaurant stands as a beacon of tradition. The decor is reminiscent of ancient times, with artifacts and motifs telling tales of the city’s grand past. This historical reverence extends to the menu. From sizzling kebabs that are a dance of flavors to fragrant rice pilafs garnished with local nuts and fruits, every dish tells a story. The view outside—a mosaic of ancient rooftops and charming lanes—complements this culinary journey.

Address: Çarşı, Rıhtım Cd. no:20, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

4) Merlot Restaurant Alanya: Sip, Savor, Celebrate

Elegance and gastronomic brilliance are the hallmarks of Merlot Restaurant. Overlooking the rhythmic bustle of Alanya, the terrace is a haven for those seeking both taste and sight. The menu is a world tour: creamy French soups, Italian pastas bursting with flavor, and exquisite wines sourced from the world’s most revered vineyards. Each dish, served with a side of panoramic city views, promises to be an experience that tantalizes every sense.

Address: Çarşı, İskele Cd. No:55, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

5) LA LUNA STEAK & FISH RESTAURANT: Elevate Your Palate Under the Moon

LA LUNA STEAK & FISH RESTAURANT in Alanya offers an exceptional culinary journey that elevates your palate under the enchanting moonlight. Specializing in premium steaks and freshly caught fish, this restaurant presents a menu designed to delight both meat and seafood enthusiasts. The restaurant’s dedication to quality ingredients and expert preparation ensures a memorable dining experience.

Nestled under the night sky, LA LUNA creates a captivating ambiance for a romantic dinner or a sophisticated gathering. With a focus on flavors that awaken the senses, the restaurant crafts dishes that cater to refined tastes. Whether you’re a connoisseur seeking a remarkable meal or someone looking to savor top-tier cuisine, LA LUNA STEAK & FISH RESTAURANT promises an unforgettable night of culinary excellence.

Address: Çarşı, Rıhtım Cd., 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

6) İskele Sofrası Father and Son Place: Generations of Flavor, A Table of Tradition

A testament to time-honored traditions and familial warmth, İskele Sofrası stands proud in Alanya’s epicenter. The ambiance captures the essence of generations, with mementos of yesteryears adorning the walls. The menu is a cherished collection of family recipes. Heartwarming stews, an array of mezes, and age-old desserts that are a sweet embrace of history. With views of Alanya’s vibrant squares, dining here is akin to a heartwarming embrace of the city’s spirit.

Address: Çarşı, Tophane Cd., 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

7) Restaurant Le Chevy: Crafting Culinary Classics

Amidst the ever-changing backdrop of Alanya’s cityscape, Le Chevy stands timeless. It marries vintage aesthetics with contemporary comforts. The menu, akin to a culinary artist’s palette, offers a blend of traditional and innovative. Spicy kebabs, creamy risottos, and a collection of international dishes promise a meal that is a journey through time and geography. The urban panorama, visible from every corner, adds to the sensory delight.

The restaurant’s inviting ambiance creates the perfect setting for casual dining or special occasions. Whether you’re seeking familiar favorites or eager to explore new gastronomic horizons, Restaurant Le Chevy promises a dining experience that captures the essence of culinary excellence. Come and enjoy a meal where every bite is a tribute to the artistry of flavor.

Address: Saray, Damlataş Cd. No:76, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

8) Olivia Gourmet Restaurant & Cafe Bar: Where Taste Meets Elegance

In the vibrant heart of Alanya, Olivia is a gastronomic jewel. With views stretching from historical edifices to the azure coastline, it’s a feast for the eyes. The menu parallels this grandeur. Local specialties, global favorites, and a diverse beverage list ensure every palate is catered to. Each dish, curated with precision and passion, makes dining at Olivia not just a meal, but a grand event.

Address: Güller Pınarı, Olivia Gourmet Restaurant, Ahmet Tokuş Blv. No:35/D, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye


In Alanya, dining is more than sustenance; it’s an art form that marries taste with atmosphere. From the enchanting moonlit nights at LA LUNA STEAK & FISH RESTAURANT to the rich legacy of flavors at İskele Sofrası Father and Son Place, each restaurant brings a distinct touch to the table. As you savor the diverse offerings and immerse in the settings, you’ll find that these restaurants are indeed where culinary dreams come true.