6 Best Restaurants With View In Bozburun

Discover a feast for both your palate and eyes as you explore the best restaurants with a view in Bozburun. This picturesque town in southwestern Turkey is famed for its pristine coastal vistas and mouth-watering cuisine. Nestled along the turquoise Aegean Sea, these dining establishments offer awe-inspiring panoramas combined with a myriad of flavors, from fresh seafood to traditional Turkish delicacies. Enjoy the ambiance of these selected venues, where the stunning sea view rivals the exquisite culinary offerings. Read on as we guide you through Bozburun’s top scenic dining spots, promising a sensory journey to remember.

#1. Afitap Bozburun: Where exquisite cuisine meets breathtaking views.

Afitap Bozburun is a restaurant situated in the scenic town of Bozburun. As its name suggests, the establishment offers patrons a blend of delightful cuisine and panoramic views. The restaurant’s most prominent feature, however, is its strategic location. Overlooking the pristine coastline, Afitap Bozburun offers expansive views of the shimmering waters, neighboring islands, and the undulating landscape surrounding the town. Whether seated indoors or on the open terrace, diners are assured of a visual feast that complements the flavors on their plates. 

While the gastronomic offerings of Afitap are worth noting, many visitors are particularly drawn by the vistas. Sunsets, in particular, paint the horizon in a spectrum of colors, offering an unmatched dining backdrop. 

Address: Bozburun, Kordon Cd. No:4, 48710 Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye

#2. Doğan Ustanın Yeri: A taste of tradition with a touch of modernity.

Doğan Ustanın Yeri is a restaurant located in a picturesque setting. Specializing in both Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, patrons can expect a varied menu representing the rich culinary traditions of these regions. One of the notable dishes here is lahmacun, a popular Turkish flatbread topped with minced meat and spices.

Diners at Doğan Ustanın Yeri are met with enchanting views of the Aegean Sea, possibly with glimpses of traditional boats anchored or floating by. sights of the rugged, forested hills and the town’s charming streets further enhance their view. 

Address: Bozburun merkez mahalesi, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye

#3. Kuzbuku Neighbours Restaurant: Where locals and visitors unite

Situated in the heart of Bozburun, Kuzbuku Neighbours Restaurant has emerged as a harmonizing spot for both town residents and wanderers alike. This restaurant  specializes in Turkish cuisine. Among the standout options, guests often lean towards the kare-kare, fish, and turkey, noting their well-prepared and authentic flavors. For those interested in pairing their meal with a beverage, the restaurant boasts a commendable beer selection.

The restaurant offers diners panoramic views of a stunning and tranquil stretch of water surrounded by verdant hills and traditional Turkish landscapes. The serene waters of the bay often shimmer under the sun, making for a captivating sight as guests indulge in their meals. 

Address: Hisarönü Körfezi Kuzbükü Koyu, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye

#4. Barba Saranda: Where Mediterranean flavors dance on your palate.

Barba Saranda is a dining establishment that primarily focuses on serving a variety of dishes, with an emphasis on perfectly cooked rolls, tempura, and menudo. For those with a sweet tooth, the restaurant is also known for its tasty cheesecakes and the Filipino dessert, halo-halo.

Being situated in the Söğüt Köyü,  Barba Saranda boasts a proximity to the coast, offering patrons breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. The tranquil waters juxtaposed with the area’s natural greenery provide a serene backdrop that enhances the dining experience. In the vicinity of the restaurant, visitors can find traditional Turkish homes, olive groves, and the rhythmic ebb and flow of daily life in a coastal village. 

Address: Söğütköy (Marmaris Söğüt Köyü Cumhuriyet Mh. No:86/1, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye

#5. Denizkızı Restaurant Pansiyon: A seaside retreat for your senses.

Denizkızı Restaurant Pansiyon, nestled along the coast of Bozburun, offers a dual experience: a culinary delight and a tranquil seaside stay. As the name suggests, it operates both as a restaurant and a “pansiyon” (a Turkish term for a small hotel or guesthouse), providing guests with a holistic retreat for their senses.

Denizkızı Restaurant Pansiyon’s location is its defining charm. Being right on the seaside, guests can enjoy their meals with uninterrupted views of the turquoise waters, with the gentle sound of waves providing a calming backdrop. For those choosing to stay, the pansiyon rooms are designed to offer comfort, simplicity, and, most importantly, breathtaking views of the surrounding seascape. Whether you’re looking for a memorable meal by the water or a peaceful stay along the coast, Denizkızı Restaurant Pansiyon extends an invitation for a sensory retreat in the heart of Bozburun.

Address: Söğüt, Cumhuriyet Sk no:66/1, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye

#6. Captain’s Table & Restaurant: Navigate to Flavor at Captain’s Table.

Perched in a prime location, diners are treated to sweeping vistas of the azure Aegean waters, dotted with boats and framed by the rugged, verdant hills of the Muğla province. Captain’s Table & Restaurant specializes in Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines. Patrons of this restaurant can expect dishes with rich flavors, such as sea bass, tavë kosi, and octopus. The restaurant also offers desserts like baklava and the unique halo-halo.

The restaurant provides picturesque views of the Aegean Sea. Depending on the time of day, visitors can witness the shimmering blue waters glistening under the sun or a tranquil sunset that paints the horizon in hues of orange and purple. The proximity to the coast also means a gentle sea breeze, adding to the overall dining atmosphere.

Address: Söğüt, Kızılyer sokak no 5, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye


Bozburun’s charming seafront restaurants offer more than just delicious food – they gift diners an unforgettable experience. With every bite, the aroma of fresh ingredients, the nuanced flavors of Turkish cuisine, and the magnificent panorama of the Aegean Sea, create a memorable symphony for the senses. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a traveler in search of breathtaking views, these eateries promise to cater to both your gastronomical desires and your love for nature. Bozburun’s best restaurants with a view truly serve as a testament to the town’s exceptional beauty and culinary prowess.