How to Get from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoglu in 2024

Travelers heading from Istanbul Airport to Beyoğlu have several transportation options to consider. The M11 metro line offers a to Kagithane, connecting to Beyoğlu (M2), for less than $5 for two passengers.

Alternatively, the Havaist shuttle bus reaches Taksim Square in Beyoğlu within 90 minutes for around $5. For a direct route, taxis take approximately 40 minutes and cost around $35. However, for utmost convenience, especially for those with families and ample luggage, the Kiwi Taxi service combines affordability with top-tier comfort, ensuring a smooth transfer experience.

By M11 + M2 Metro Line Less than $5 (Varies depending on multiple transfers)45-60 minutes, Not recommended for heavy luggage.
By Havaist Airport Bus$5Approximately 90 minutes
By TaxiApproximately $35Approximately 40 minutes,  (may vary due to traffic)
By Kiwi Airport Transfer Taxi – RECOMMENDED$35-40Approximately 40 minutes,

How to Get from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoglu

1. Metro

The M11 metro line connects Istanbul Airport to Kagithane, from where you can transfer to other lines to reach Beyoglu. The metro ride takes about 55-60 minutes and costs less than $5 for two people.

2. Bus

The Havaist shuttle bus offers a convenient and affordable option for traveling from Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square, which is located in Beyoglu. The journey takes approximately 90 minutes and costs around $5. You can then board the M2 metro line, granting you access to various destinations across the city.

3. Taxi

Taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Beyoglu is a more direct and faster option. The ride should last around 40 minutes and costs approximately $35.

If you’re seeking the most comfortable and hassle-free way to journey from Istanbul Airport to Beyoğlu, particularly when traveling with children and bulky luggage, a private shuttle is the optimal choice.

We wholeheartedly recommend Kiwi Taxi for this route. Their service stands out as both cost-effective and secure. The fare is comparable to a regular taxi, yet you benefit from newer vehicles, ample luggage space, and a personal driver. By choosing Kiwi Taxi through our recommendation, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Your support for our content is greatly appreciated!


What is the cheapest way to get from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoğlu?

The most economical method to travel from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoğlu is typically by bus or public transportation. Havaist and other public buses operate between the airport and various parts of Istanbul, including Beyoğlu. The prices are quite affordable compared to taxis or private shuttles.

What is the fastest way to get from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoğlu?

The quickest way to reach Beyoğlu from Istanbul Airport is by taxi or private transfer (Kiwi Taxi). While it’s more expensive than buses or public transportation, it offers a direct route and convenience, especially if you have luggage.

How far is it from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoğlu?

Istanbul Airport (IST) is located roughly 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Beyoğlu. The exact distance can vary depending on the specific route taken.

How do I travel from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoğlu without a car?

There are several options:

Havaist Buses: They operate shuttle services from Istanbul Airport to various locations in the city, including Beyoğlu.

Public Transportation: While it might require a combination of buses and trams, it’s feasible.

Taxi or Private Transfer: As mentioned, this is the quickest but more expensive option.

How long does it take to get from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoğlu?

The time it takes to travel between the airport and Beyoğlu can vary based on the mode of transport and traffic conditions.

By Taxi or Private Transfer: Approximately 30 to 50 minutes without heavy traffic.

By Bus or Public Transport: Typically, it would take about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on waiting times and specific routes.

Can I drive from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Beyoğlu?

Yes, you can drive from Istanbul Airport to Beyoğlu. Car rentals are available at the airport, but be prepared for Istanbul’s traffic, which can be quite dense and challenging for those unfamiliar with the city. Ensure you have a reliable navigation system and are aware of parking situations in Beyoğlu, which might be tricky due to the area’s narrow streets and limited parking spaces.