7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Alacati Today

Embark on a culinary journey through Alacati’s finest seafood restaurants, each offering a unique and delightful experience. From picturesque settings to mouthwatering seafood delicacies, these establishments promise to satisfy every seafood enthusiast’s palate. Let’s explore the flavors of the sea and immerse ourselves in the essence of seafood dining that is unforgettable and a memory to cherish forever. 

#1 Karina Alacati: Where Flavour Meets Elegance 

Karina Alacati is a seafood restaurant located in the picturesque town of Alacati. This charming eatery specializes in serving a delightful selection of fresh and locally sourced seafood dishes. The menu features a variety of flavorful options, ranging from grilled fish and succulent shrimp to delectable octopus and tender calamari. 

With a focus on quality and taste, Karina Alacati offers dishes that celebrate the rich flavors of the sea. Guests can enjoy a relaxing and inviting atmosphere while savoring the taste of the ocean’s finest catches, making it an ideal destination for seafood enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience.

Address: Alacati, 13002. Sok No:6, 35930 Cesme/Izmir, Turkiye 

#2 Sota Alacati: Elevating Culinary Experiences 

A renowned seafood restaurant, Sota Alacati, is situated in Alacati. The restaurant boasts a focus on offering a delightful array of seafood dishes to its patrons. The menu features fresh and flavorful seafood options, from grilled fish and succulent prawns to mouthwatering calamari and other seasonal catches. 

With a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, Sota Alacati takes pride in serving dishes that highlight the authentic flavors of the sea. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance and dedication to quality seafood make it a popular choice for locals and visitors seeking a satisfying and memorable dining experience.

Address: Alacati, 11039. Sokak No:18, 35930 Cesme/Izmir, Turkiye 

#3 Ferdi Baba Restaurant: Where Tradition and Taste Come Together 

Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or looking to explore new flavors, Ferdi Baba Restaurant is a go-to destination for seafood lovers. It is a well-established seafood eatery known for its delicious offerings in a relaxed setting. This restaurant specializes in serving various seafood dishes to satisfy all tastes. The menu boasts a diverse selection featuring various fresh and delectable seafood options. 

They offer an enticing selection of seafood delights that cater to all palates. Indulge in their perfectly grilled catch of the day, savor the tender and crispy calamari rings, relish the succulent garlic butter prawns, and dive into the rich flavors of their signature seafood paella. The menu showcases the finest and freshest catches sourced locally and prepared with utmost care to bring out the true essence of the sea. 

Address: Alacati, Alacati Mah Alacati Kemalpasa Caddesi, Koyici No:86, 35930 Cesme/Izmir, Turkiye 

#4 Fava Alacati: Savor The Essence of Food 

At Fava Alacati, seafood enthusiasts can relish a memorable dining experience with an array of mouthwatering dishes. From perfectly grilled fish and tender calamari to delectable shrimp dishes and savory seafood pasta, the restaurant offers a diverse selection to please every palate. 

Each dish is thoughtfully prepared to highlight the authentic flavors of the sea, making it a delightful destination for locals and visitors seeking a satisfying seafood adventure. With its inviting ambiance and focus on quality ingredients, Fava Alacati is a go-to restaurant for those craving a delightful and unforgettable seafood feast. 

Address: Alacati, Kemalpasa Cd. No:108, 35390, 35390 Cesme/Izmir, Turkiye 

#5 Alacati Port Balik: Where Ocean Flavours Unite 

Alacati Port Balik is a seafood restaurant located at the charming Alacati Port. Specializing in seafood cuisine, the restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring an enticing selection of fresh and flavorful seafood dishes. Patrons can enjoy succulent grilled fish, tender calamari, mouthwatering shrimp, and delectable seafood pastas. 

With a focus on quality ingredients and expert preparation, Alacati Port Balik ensures a delightful dining experience for seafood enthusiasts. The restaurant’s picturesque location adds to the ambiance, making it an ideal spot to savor the true essence of the sea in every dish while enjoying the scenic beauty of Alacati Port. 

Address: Alacati, Alacati Mahallesi ALACATI MAH. 18001/1 SK NO: 4/2, 35930 Cesme/Izmir, Turkiye

#6 Balikci Niyazi Alacati: A Seafood Adventure Like No Other! 

Situated in Alacati, Balikci Niyazi is a renowned seafood restaurant offering a delightful and diverse range of seafood dishes. The menu features an enticing selection of freshly caught delights, including grilled sea bass with lemon herb butter, crispy calamari served with tangy aioli, flavorful shrimp scampi, and hearty seafood paella with a medley of fish, shrimp, and mussels. 

With a commitment to quality and taste, Balikci Niyazi takes pride in presenting dishes that highlight the true essence of seafood. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or a curious diner, this restaurant promises a memorable dining experience filled with delectable seafood delights. A great option for locals and visitors both, the seafood at Balikci Niyazi Alacati is worth trying out. 

Address: Alacati Mahallesi 18000 Sk. 2, Cark Plaji 8/A 35390 Cesme/Izmir, Turkiye 

#7 Dem Alacati Meyhane: Sip and Celebrate the Turkish Spirit 

Dem Alacati Meyhane welcomes diners to a delightful seafood restaurant and meyhane experience in the heart of Alacati. The restaurant exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a memorable meal. The menu offers an enticing selection of seafood delights, featuring a variety of mouthwatering options. 

Patrons can savor the perfectly grilled sea bass with a zesty lemon butter sauce, indulge in tender calamari served with tangy aioli, relish the flavorful shrimp scampi, or enjoy the rich and aromatic seafood paella with a delightful medley of fish and shellfish. Dem Alacati Meyhane takes pride in showcasing the authentic essence of seafood through their carefully crafted dishes, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all seafood enthusiasts. 

Address: Alacati, 11039. Sk No:5/A, 35390 Cesme/Izmir, Turkiye 


In Alacati, the seafood adventure never ends. With its inviting ambiance and a wide variety of freshly sourced catches, these restaurants ensure an unforgettable dining experience. 

From Karina Alacati’s elegant flavors to Sota Alacati’s dedication to local ingredients, Ferdi Baba Restaurant’s delightful offerings, Fava Alacati’s diverse selection, Alacati Port Balik’s oceanic delights, Balikci Niyazi Alacati’s seafood medleys, to Dem Alacati Meyhane’s Turkish spirit, each restaurant brings its unique touch to the seafood dining experience. Explore the ocean’s bounty and savor the seafood essence in Alacati’s renowned eateries.