eyup sultan mosque

Eyup Sultan Mosque – Brief History and Facts

eyup sultan mosque

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque stands in Istanbul, a symbol of spiritual significance and architectural mastery. It has roots dating back to the start of Islam, making it iconic. Its domes and designs take visitors on a journey through time.

  • The mosque offers a soothing atmosphere for worshippers and tourists. Its grand architecture captures Ottoman culture, showcasing their craftsmanship. The minarets reach towards the sky, inviting all to witness the magnificence within.
  • A unique detail is the sacred relics in the complex. These are believed to be Prophet Muhammad’s possessions and are revered by pilgrims worldwide.
  • Legend has it that during construction, a jinn (spirit) obstructed progress. A dervish, with unwavering faith, confronted and tamed the jinn, allowing construction to continue. This story shows the devotion and determination of the Eyüp Sultan Mosque.
  • It’s an active place of worship and a source of solace for many. Its vibrant aura and cultural significance continue to leave visitors in awe, inspiring reverence for centuries.

History of Eyüp Sultan Mosque

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Istanbul holds centuries of rich history. It is one of the oldest and most sacred religious sites in Turkey and is highly regarded by Muslims around the world.

It was built in the 15th century and boasts stunning Ottoman architecture and design. Its marble columns, patterned tiles, and calligraphy reflect the impressive artistry of the era. The iconic dome stands tall and proud.

Throughout its existence, the mosque has gone through various renovations. Each strives to keep its original charm while adapting to modern styles. Visitors can now experience the perfect blend of the mosque’s past and present.

This mosque is unique as it is located by the Golden Horn river. It offers a peaceful haven from the bustling city center, ideal for spiritual contemplation. The cemetery near it is even home to many important figures from Ottoman history.

One fascinating story is that of the mosque’s namesake, Eyüp Sultan, who died in battle while fighting alongside Prophet Muhammad’s army. His burial here made it an essential pilgrimage site.

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque is truly magnificent. It’s almost as if God himself crafted it – or at least a very talented architect!

Architecture and Design

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The Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Istanbul is a stunning sight to behold. Its traditional Ottoman design is awe-inspiring, with intricate details and perfect execution. Its grand domes and minarets reach for the sky, drawing visitors from all over.

The interior of the mosque is breathtaking. The walls are adorned with exquisite calligraphy and tile work. The soft lighting creates a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for prayer.

A unique feature of the mosque is its harem courtyard. This tranquil space is surrounded by charming arcades and provides a retreat for contemplation. Here, visitors can take a moment to reflect on their spiritual journey.

Remember: visit the Eyüp Sultan Mosque during non-prayer times to fully appreciate its beauty without disturbing the worshippers. This mosque is perfect for the devout Muslim or for a selfie #hashtag.

Significance and Importance

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Istanbul boasts immense importance and significance. It’s not just a place of worship but also a symbol of historical and cultural heritage. Muslims have been visiting this pilgrimage site for centuries – both locals and tourists from around the world.

The grandeur of the mosque is awe-inspiring! Its magnificent dome, elegant minarets, and intricate details are a testament to the finest craftsmanship of the Ottoman Empire. Inside, the atmosphere is serene, giving worshippers solace to connect with their spirituality.

An interesting fact about this mosque is its association with Eyüp Sultan, who was a close companion of Prophet Muhammad. His tomb is adjacent to the mosque, adding an extra layer of reverence. This makes it a spiritual center for devotees.

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque has seen many historical events over the years. Coronations, royal weddings, and religious ceremonies – it’s integral to Turkey’s history. The array of stories associated with this sacred place adds to its significance among believers and historians.

Construction of the mosque began in 1453, under the orders of Mehmed II, aka Mehmed the Conqueror. It stands as a symbol of his vision and power, a lasting imprint of Islamic architecture in Istanbul.

Events and Celebrations at Eyüp Sultan Mosque

At the Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Hıdırellez Festival is an event not to be missed! People come for the traditional music, dances, and yummy food. The bright colors and vibrant atmosphere make it a truly special experience.

Ramadan is also celebrated here. Iftar meals are shared to break the fast after sunset. Muslims gather to share this special time of reflection and gratitude.

One inspiring story is about a local artist. He painted a mural of Islamic events on one of the mosque walls. It has become a symbol of the diverse history and cultures united in Islam.

Visitor Experience at Eyüp Sultan Mosque

The Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Istanbul offers an experience like no other. Its stunning architecture and peaceful atmosphere will make you feel like you are in a different world. As you enter, intricate designs and decorative elements greet you. These showcase the craftsmanship of the Ottoman Empire.

A gentle hush descends as you take in the spacious prayer hall. Soft lighting creates a serene ambiance, and beautiful calligraphy on the walls adds to the spiritual aura.

This mosque is special because of its association with a sacred relic. It houses the tomb of Eyüp Sultan, one of Prophet Muhammad’s companions. This draws pilgrims from around the world seeking blessings and solace.

Legend has it that Eyüp Sultan died during an unsuccessful siege of Constantinople in 670 AD. His remains were discovered centuries later during the construction of the mosque named in his honor. This discovery led to the establishment of an elaborate shrine within the mosque complex.

Visiting Eyüp Sultan Mosque is an enriching experience for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Its architectural grandeur, historical significance, and tranquil ambiance combine to create a memorable and thought-provoking visit.


Eyüp Sultan Mosque Istanbul stands as a symbol of grandeur and spirituality. Its intricate design and breathtaking interiors will leave you in awe. It’s a unique blend of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture – ornate columns, exquisite calligraphy, and majestic domes.

This mosque holds a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Legends say it was built on the spot where Eyüp Sultan, one of Prophet Muhammad’s companions, was laid to rest. Visiting offers spiritual introspection and a peaceful ambiance.

During World War II, bombs ravaged Istanbul but miraculously spared the beloved mosque. This stands as a testament to its strength and resilience, inspiring awe and admiration.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque Istanbul is more than just a tourist attraction; it’s a spiritual haven that encompasses centuries of history, culture, and faith. To experience it is to witness divine splendor that transcends time and unifies humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Eyüp Sultan Mosque?

A: The Eyüp Sultan Mosque is a famous Islamic religious site located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is considered one of the most significant mosques in Turkey.

Q: Where is the Eyüp Sultan Mosque located?

A: The Eyüp Sultan Mosque is situated in the district of Eyüp, on the European side of Istanbul. It is found near the shore of the Golden Horn, overlooking the historic city walls.

Q: What is the historical significance of the Eyüp Sultan Mosque?

A: The Eyüp Sultan Mosque holds great importance in Islamic history as it is built on the burial site of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, a companion of Prophet Muhammad. It became a place of pilgrimage for Muslims since the Ottoman era.

Q: Can non-Muslim visitors enter the Eyüp Sultan Mosque?

A: Yes, non-Muslim visitors are allowed to enter the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. However, it is important to maintain proper respect and follow the guidelines set by the mosque authorities.

Q: Are there any specific dress code requirements for visiting the mosque?

A: Yes, visitors are expected to dress modestly when entering the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. Men should cover their shoulders and avoid shorts, while women should cover their heads with a scarf and ensure their clothing covers their arms and legs.

Q: Are there any restrictions on photography within the mosque?

A: Photography is generally not allowed inside the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. However, it is recommended to ask for permission from the mosque authorities if you wish to take photographs for personal use.