8 Best Kebab Restaurants in Kemer

Experience the gastronomic allure of Kemer through its diverse Kebap offerings. From aromatic Adana Kebap to succulent Doner Kebap, this Turkish town hosts an array of restaurants, each promising a unique exploration of this classic dish. Dive into the vibrant culinary scene of Kemer as we embark on a flavorful tour of its best Kebap joints.

1) Pasa Kebap Salonu: Savor the True Essence of Kebap

Pasa Kebap Salonu is a dedicated Kebap restaurant nestled in the vibrant town of Kemer. Known for its authentic Turkish cuisine, the establishment puts a particular emphasis on various types of Kebap. The menu is diverse, featuring classics like Adana and Urfa Kebap, succulent skewers of minced meat, richly spiced and grilled to perfection. For patrons with a taste for poultry, the Tavuk (Chicken) Kebap is a popular choice. 

The restaurant also offers Doner Kebap, where marinated slices of beef or chicken are slowly roasted on a vertical spit. Vegetarians aren’t left behind, as the menu includes options such as Sebzeli Kebap, a vegetable Kebap. Apart from Kebap, the restaurant serves an array of traditional Turkish appetizers, salads, and desserts. With its focus on quality ingredients and authentic preparation, Pasa Kebap Salonu is a must-visit spot for Kebap enthusiasts.

Address: Merkez, Atatürk Cad. No:36, 07990 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

2) Has Restaurant: Unveiling the Flavors of Turkey

Located in the heart of Kemer, Has Restaurant is an eatery that takes pride in offering an eclectic mix of traditional Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. The star of their menu is a broad range of flavorful Kebaps, prepared with the highest quality local meats and fresh, regional spices. Options include the aromatic Adana Kebap, the layered Iskender Kebap, and the classic Lamb Shish Kebap, each served with complementary sides to enhance the culinary experience. 

Beyond kebaps, the restaurant also showcases other Turkish delights such as Manti (Turkish dumplings), Dolma (stuffed vegetables), and a selection of freshly caught seafood. Vegetarian options, rich in Mediterranean flavors, are also part of the menu, ensuring all diners are catered to. With its dedication to authenticity and variety, Has Restaurant promises a unique journey into the heart of Turkish and Mediterranean gastronomy.

Address: Merkez Mh Lise Cd. Belediye Dükkanları No: 21, 07980 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

3) Tadım Kebap: A Symphony of Turkish Delights

Tadım Kebap is a well-known restaurant in Kemer, specializing in the fine art of Kebap preparation. Their menu is a celebration of the diversity of Kebap, offering a multitude of meaty treats to cater to the varied palate of their patrons. From the spicy, chargrilled Adana Kebap to the subtly seasoned Lamb Shish Kebap, each dish is meticulously crafted using time-honored recipes and high-quality ingredients. 

The restaurant also excels in serving Doner Kebap, featuring succulent slices of marinated meat slow-cooked on a rotating spit. Tadım Kebap’s menu extends beyond Kebap to include a variety of traditional Turkish mezes, hearty stews, and locally sourced seafood dishes. Their vegetarian-friendly dishes, inspired by the richness of Mediterranean produce, also garner much appreciation. Tadım Kebap thus serves as a culinary rendezvous for Kebap lovers in Kemer.

Address: Yeni Mahalle Dörtyol Bulvarı Alpasar İşhanı P/1, 07980 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

4) CAN’IM KEBAP: Your Haven for Kebap Delights

Situated in the bustling locale of Kemer, CAN’IM Kebap is a distinctive restaurant offering a variety of Kebap dishes, each prepared with a unique twist. Their menu is a tribute to the traditional Turkish Kebap, featuring a wide array of choices from the spicy Adana Kebap to the savory Lamb Shish Kebap. The special CAN’IM Doner, slow-roasted to achieve a perfect balance of crispness and juiciness, is a definite crowd-pleaser. 

Moreover, their Chicken Kebap is a hit among poultry lovers, while the vegetable-infused Sebzeli Kebap caters to vegetarian patrons. Besides their array of Kebaps, CAN’IM Kebap offers a selection of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, including salads, mezes, and rich, sweet desserts. By combining authentic recipes with local, high-quality ingredients, CAN’IM Kebap aims to provide a memorable dining experience.

Address: Merkez, 121. Sk. No:2, 07990 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

5) Cheffy Saray Restaurant Kemer: Uncover a Modern Take on Traditional Kebap

Cheffy Saray Restaurant Kemer is an esteemed dining spot in Kemer, renowned for its captivating blend of traditional and contemporary Turkish cuisine. Kebap dishes hold a prominent place on the menu, featuring a variety of delectable options for both meat lovers and vegetarians. You’ll find the popular Adana and Urfa Kebap, alongside a unique fusion of flavors in the special Cheffy Kebap. 

Poultry enthusiasts will appreciate the Tavuk (Chicken) Kebap, while those preferring vegetables can opt for the Sebzeli Kebap. The Doner Kebap, with its succulent layers of marinated meat, offers a comforting familiarity. Apart from Kebap, Cheffy Saray Restaurant Kemer offers a spread of traditional mezes, heartwarming stews, and exquisite desserts. With a clear focus on delivering authenticity with a modern touch, this restaurant is a beacon for those seeking the depth of Turkish cuisine.

Address: Merkez, Huzur Apartmanı, Yalı Cd., 07990 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

6) Kitchen KEMER Restaurant: Discover the Heart of Turkish Cuisine in Every Bite

Kitchen KEMER Restaurant, located in the heart of Kemer, is a delightful dining establishment well-versed in both traditional and contemporary Turkish cuisines. The highlight of their menu is a selection of exquisite Kebap dishes. Options range from the classic Adana Kebap, brimming with spices, to the succulent Lamb Shish Kebap, and the ever-popular Doner Kebap, featuring slow-roasted slices of marinated meat. Also, there’s a special offering for chicken lovers – Tavuk (Chicken) Kebap, marinated and cooked to perfection. 

The menu caters to vegetarians as well, with dishes like the Sebzeli Kebap, which combines the traditional Kebap style with a bounty of fresh vegetables. Beyond Kebap, Kitchen KEMER Restaurant serves a variety of traditional mezes, fulfilling main courses, and mouthwatering Turkish desserts. Known for its high-quality ingredients and original recipes, this restaurant is a go-to spot for authentic Turkish cuisine.

Address: Merkez, 119. Sk. No:17, 07980 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

7) urfam sofrasi: Relish the Legacy of Urfa in Every Bite

Urfam Sofrasi, nestled in the vibrant town of Kemer, is a warm and welcoming restaurant that showcases the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine. At the heart of their menu is a diverse selection of Kebap dishes, prepared in the authentic style of Urfa, a city known for its unique culinary traditions. 

Diners can choose from various Kebap offerings such as the Urfa Kebap, characterized by its delicate balance of spices, the popular Adana Kebap, renowned for its tantalizing spice blend, or the well-loved Doner Kebap, featuring layers of slow-roasted meat. Chicken lovers will enjoy the Tavuk (Chicken) Kebap, while vegetarian patrons can savor the Sebzeli Kebap, brimming with fresh vegetables. 

Urfam Sofrasi also serves a range of traditional mezes, comforting main dishes, and delectable desserts, creating a dining experience that embraces the true essence of Turkish cuisine.

Address: Merkez, 07980 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

8) Ekrem Coşkun Döner Kemer: Your Destination for Doner Delights


Ekrem Coşkun Döner Kemer is a premier dining establishment located in Kemer, with a particular emphasis on the classic Doner Kebap. This restaurant delivers an authentic Turkish culinary experience, allowing diners to relish the rotating spectacle of juicy, marinated meat being carved for the Doner Kebap. 

The menu also features other varieties of Kebap such as the spicy Adana Kebap and succulent Urfa Kebap, crafted from top-quality local ingredients. Additionally, the Tavuk (Chicken) Kebap is a favorite among poultry aficionados, and the vegetable-based Sebzeli Kebap ensures vegetarian patrons are not left behind. 

Beyond the Kebap selection, Ekrem Coşkun Döner Kemer offers a spread of Turkish appetizers, sumptuous main courses, and traditional desserts. With its dedication to authenticity and quality, this restaurant is an ideal destination for those seeking a genuine taste of Turkish Kebap.

Address: Yeni, Lise Cd. No:14, 07980, 07980 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye


Kemer’s culinary scene is a treasure trove for Kebap enthusiasts, offering an array of delectable and authentic experiences. Each restaurant in this beautiful Turkish town serves up its unique take on the traditional Kebap, promising a memorable gastronomic journey. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, these Kebap havens in Kemer are a must-visit on your culinary itinerary.