8 Best Kebab Restaurants in Goreme

In the picturesque town of Goreme, a multitude of restaurants offers gastronomical delights that take you on a captivating journey through Turkish cuisine. From succulent kebaps to delectable mezes, these establishments weave culinary tales rooted in tradition and authenticity.

1) Gurme Kebab Restaurant – Where tradition meets taste

Gurme Kebab Restaurant is a distinct dining spot in Goreme that offers a variety of traditional Turkish food, with a spotlight on kebabs. Nestled in the core of the city, the restaurant serves different types of kebabs, including the shish, doner, and adana varieties, each meticulously cooked over an open flame for a unique smoky note. 

In addition to kebabs, Gurme provides a selection of mezes, like hummus and baba ganoush, and fresh salads to enhance your meal. Patrons can also opt for other popular Turkish fares like lahmacun and pide, showcasing the restaurant’s versatility. Gurme Kebab Restaurant promises a comfortable atmosphere coupled with authentic Turkish flavors, offering an engaging culinary journey for all who walk through its doors. 

Address: Gafferli mahallesi, Müze Cd. no:38, 50180 Göreme/Goreme/Nevşehir, Türkiye

2) Beydilli Kebap Barbecue – Savor the Flame of Tradition

Beydilli Kebap Barbecue is a distinctive restaurant located in Goreme, well-known for its focus on Turkish barbecue. The restaurant’s core offering is kebap, a classic dish of the Turkish cuisine, with several styles available to diners such as iskender, beyti, and ali nazik kebaps. 

Cooked to perfection, the kebaps embody a rich blend of seasonings and are traditionally cooked over charcoal, a process which imparts a special smoky flavor. Complementing the main dishes are traditional accompaniments including rice, fresh bread, and an assortment of pickles. Patrons also have the option to explore other barbecue delights, showcasing the versatility of Turkish cuisine. 

Beydilli Kebap Barbecue brings together the warm atmosphere of Goreme with the rich tradition of Turkish barbecue, providing a memorable dining experience for all. 

Address: Hacı İsmail efendi Sokak, Müze Cd. 2/D, 50180 Nevşehir, Türkiye

3) Kapadokya Kebapzade – A Symphony of Flavors from Turkey’s Heartland

Kapadokya Kebapzade, located in Goreme, is known for its specialization in Turkish kebap dishes. Its expansive menu includes varieties such as the skewered shish, the rotating doner, and the spiced adana, each showcasing distinct flavors and preparation methods. The restaurant prides itself on its authentic preparation techniques, employing open fire grilling to infuse a characteristic smoky taste into its kebaps. 

In addition to its kebap-centric menu, Kapadokya Kebapzade also serves traditional Turkish fare like lentil soup, ezme salad, and rich baklava, ensuring a complete culinary exploration. Offering an array of regional dishes, the restaurant shines a light on the rich tapestry of Turkish cuisine. A visit to Kapadokya Kebapzade guarantees an immersion into authentic flavors amidst a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Address: Bilal Eroğlu Cd. No:3, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye

4) Kebabs & Mezes Restaurant- An Authentic Ode to Turkish Gastronomy

Kebabs & Mezes Restaurant, based in Goreme, presents a distinct fusion of Turkish culinary delights. The establishment centers its offerings around kebabs and mezes, as suggested by its name, treating guests to a wide spectrum of flavors. Kebab options extend from the charred shish, the layered doner, to the spicy adana, ensuring diverse choices for enthusiasts of this traditional dish. 

Mezes, served as appetizers, feature regional favorites like hummus, tabouleh, and tzatziki, introducing diners to the colorful palette of Turkish cuisine. Beyond kebabs and mezes, the restaurant also showcases other Turkish staples, enriching the gastronomic journey for its patrons. With an ethos rooted in authenticity, Kebabs & Mezes Restaurant delivers a genuine Turkish dining experience in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Address: Avcılar Mahallesi, Gaferli, Göreme İsali, Müze Cd. No:7, 50180 Goreme/Nevşehir, Türkiye

5) Chef Kebap Restaurant – Crafting Traditions, Serving Authenticity

In the scenic town of Goreme, a culinary experience awaits at Chef Kebap Restaurant. The establishment is dedicated to celebrating the rich tradition of Turkish kebap. From the skewered delights of shish kebap, the succulent strips of doner, to the spicy pleasure of adana, the restaurant’s offerings span a range of palate-pleasing flavors. 

The kitchen’s focus on traditional cooking methods, especially open fire grilling, adds a smoky depth to the kebaps. Beyond kebaps, the menu also includes traditional Turkish dishes such as savory pilaf, hearty lentil soup, and sweet treats like kunefe. Chef Kebap Restaurant welcomes patrons into a world of authentic tastes, wrapped in an ambiance of warm hospitality, offering an immersive Turkish culinary journey.

Address: AVCILAR MAHALLESİ, Bilal Eroğlu Cd. NO:37, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye

6) Sedef- Where Turkish Gastronomy Comes Alive

Situated amidst the enchanting landscapes of Goreme, Sedef offers a compelling dining experience centered on traditional Turkish cuisine. The restaurant is particularly renowned for its kebaps, with a menu showcasing a variety of types from skewered shish to sumptuous doner and fiery adana. Each kebap is prepared with an emphasis on authenticity, featuring classic cooking techniques that infuse the dishes with a unique smoky aroma. 

Sedef doesn’t limit itself to kebaps; it also provides a selection of Turkish dishes like flavorful mezes, hearty soups, and popular desserts, offering a comprehensive exploration of Turkish gastronomy. The restaurant, with its cozy ambiance and commitment to tradition, invites patrons on a culinary journey that encapsulates the essence of Turkish hospitality and cuisine.

Address: Tekelli, Bilal Eroğlu Cd. no.3, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye

7) Anatolian Kitchen – A Journey Through Anatolia’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Nestled within the captivating landscape of Goreme, Anatolian Kitchen stands as a tribute to the diverse culinary traditions of the Anatolian region. This restaurant is especially celebrated for its kebap variety, offering dishes from the succulent shish to the layered doner and flavorful adana. Each dish is meticulously prepared using authentic methods, ensuring a true taste of Anatolian cuisine. 

Apart from kebaps, Anatolian Kitchen’s menu is a mosaic of regional delicacies, from savory mezes and comforting soups to delectable desserts, promising a broad taste experience. With its welcoming environment and dedication to preserving tradition, Anatolian Kitchen provides a truly immersive Anatolian culinary adventure for its guests.

Address: Müze Cd., 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye

8) Zest Cappadocia- Unleashing the Vibrant Flavors of Turkish Cuisine

Located in the beautiful town of Goreme, Zest Cappadocia offers a flavorful journey into the world of Turkish cuisine. The highlight of the restaurant is its kebap range, encompassing skewered shish, layered doner, and spicy adana, each prepared in traditional style.

Authentic cooking methods infuse the dishes with a unique smoky note that distinguishes Turkish kebaps. Beyond kebaps, Zest Cappadocia broadens the culinary journey with a variety of regional dishes, including delightful mezes, comforting soups, and luscious desserts. The restaurant, with its inviting atmosphere and passion for culinary tradition, delivers an authentic taste of Turkey’s rich gastronomy. 

Address: Orta Mah, Aydinli, Goreme Beldesi, Karşı Bucak Cd. No:32, 50180 Nevşehir, Türkiye


Exploring Goreme’s restaurants reveals a vibrant and diverse food culture that epitomizes the richness of Turkish cuisine. Each establishment, with its unique offerings and commitment to tradition, provides an immersive culinary experience that lingers long after the meal, making Goreme a must-visit destination for any food lover.