What and Where to Eat in Antalya (My Favorite Restaurants)

If you want to explore Antalya’s best food and restaurants, here are some of my favorites. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or cheap fast food, you will certainly be satisfied with these excellent destinations in Antalya.

In the Mediterranean cuisine, Antalya has to offer, you’ll find different kinds of sea and river fish and other seafood, served with a great variety of appetizers and vegetable sides.

Grilled meat and kebabs also for the Turkish kitchen and a must-taste. 

I’d also like to suggest some vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. I have to confess that I’m neither of these, but I love going to these places, and I feel really satisfied and fulfilled when I eat their veggie-options.

In Turkey, people cannot begin the day without a giant breakfast. This is why I’m suggesting some beautiful spots serving fantastic breakfasts.

Lastly, there is no possibility of surviving without sugar as far as I’m concerned, so I’ll share my favorite chocolate and ice-cream spots in Antalya.

Here we go!

The Best Seafood Restaurants

Located next to the Mediterranean Sea, flooded with the rivers flowing down from the top of the Taurus Mountains, Antalya may be a heaven for seafood lovers like me.

Here are some of my favorite seafood restaurants.

Ayar Meyhanesi

This is one of the best fine-dining restaurants you can find in Antalya. Turkish meyhane is similar to Taverna, where they serve traditional food and play live music. Mey means drink, implying that you have to have a drink, and a lot of them, but be sure to savor them!

Ayar Meyhanesi serves amazing local seafood. I recommend that you try sea bass or sea bream if you’re looking for a local taste. The food is always fresh, perfectly cooked, and absolutely delicious.

Since this is a meyhane, you’ll have to order some meze! These appetizers can be small, but they are absolutely amazing. You can choose 5 to 6 meze to feed two people and try all of the varieties. I suggest you order different kinds, like the ones with wall-nuts, another with yogurt, and some spicy ones.

Wait! Don’t fill up exclusively on meze. You’ll also have to try the fried calamari and octopus. My suggestion is to eat slowly and drink ever slower so you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy everything I’ve mentioned.

Ayar Meyhanesi is in the center of historical Kaleiçi. The staff is really professional, and the service is quite fast. Since it is located in the historical area, you cannot park your car in front of the restaurant, but there is an auto park within a 5-minute walk.

The prices are relatively high, but believe me, they’re reasonable for such quality food, service, and a great atmosphere accompanied by great musicians.

Lara Balıkevi

If you want to eat in a calm setting with a wider sea view, you should certainly seek out this restaurant in Konyaaltı.

Located right on the seafront by the cliffs with a stunning view of Konayaltı Beach, this restaurant serves up an amazing atmosphere.

I like to order just 3 mezes for two people since the portions are quite large. There’s a wide variety of meze options, but I strongly recommend cunda ezme and kopoglu.

For hot starters, I suggest the barbecued octopus, which is one of the freshest you’ll find in town. You should also try the calamari, made with a great calamari sauce, which only doubles the joy.

For the main dish, go inside the restaurant to see their fish display. There are plenty of fresh choices for a local taste, but I’d certainly go for the grida, which is perfectly cooked and served with a delicious dressing.

The prices are high here, but you certainly get what you pay for. The one drawback is that when the restaurant is crowded, there aren’t enough staff on duty, the waiters might not be good-humored, and you may have to sacrifice a speedy service.

Delicious Turkish Kebab and Meat Restaurants

Meat and kebabs in Turkey are essential to the local cuisine. You’ll find a fresh variety of kebabs in most restaurants. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll still have the option of ordering meze or choosing from a wide variety of salads.

The Panorama Restaurant

This restaurant is made up of a number of platforms in the trees of a giant forest with a mountain and sea view. I love the nice hike up or 30 minute drive from Kemer to the town of Beycik only to be warmly welcomed with great food and an even better attitude.

You’ll find great lamb on the menu, including kuzu, sish, and pirzolla. The portions are large compared to the prices. The meal is accompanied with starters like yogurt, cheese, and salad, but you’ll have to stop yourself from eating too much before the main dish arrives.

It’s also a great place for vegans and vegetarians because the cook does a great job grilling eggplant, mushrooms, and other fresh vegetables. They also serve olives and a number of vegetarian mezes.

The owners are welcoming and generous and always offer tea after the meal. Don’t be surprised when the waitress comes around with a giant fruit plate along with the tea. I pay around 45 TL per person for a satisfying dinner, which is probably less than it would cost in another restaurant.

Ramiz Grill House

If you want to have a special night while eating steaks cooked to perfection, be sure to visit this gourmet restaurant. It’s located on the seafront, but don’t worry if you can’t find a table outside because the atmosphere inside is also quite charming.

What is fantastic about this place is the number of dishes on the menu. Since this can be a little hard to decide, I’ll try to help. Steak with butter is yummy, wonderfully flavored, and cooked to perfection. My second favorite is the medium-cooked Dallas burger.

The service I great since the waitress is attentive to every detail. Even though it’s usually busy, they always find me a nice table and have the time to be friendly whenever I go there.

I find the prices to be average because the food deserves each kuruş you pay. It’s located in Konyaaltı, and you can easily park right next to the restaurant.

Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Options

You might find it difficult to explain vegetarian food to a Turkish waitress. Don’t even think about explaining veganism. In most local, cheap restaurants, you’ll have to settle for a simple salad, but I’ll suggest some better options for veggie food here.


This cute, small restaurant makes me feel like I’m at home. The menu consists mostly of vegetarian and vegan food, but there are also meat-based options. They also have gluten-free options.

Pizza is one of their most popular foods. It’s delicious, and the portion size is good. I’m a falafel fan, and I think they serve the best in town. Don’t forget to ask for babaganush and hummus on the side, and you’re sure to be the happiest vegan in town.

I also love the wraps and sandwiches with ingredients like eggplant and mushroom, especially when I want to grab something on the go. I also suggest you order their homemade lemonade with ice and mint for those horribly warm summer days.

The owners are really nice and helpful, especially when you have special dietary needs. Since there aren’t a lot of workers, the service is a little slow, but the prices are super-cheap compared to the quality of the food they sell.


This is one of the best fine-dining restaurants with a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and is located in the heart of Kaleiçi.

Their menu consists of a variety of cuisine from around the world and fusion with traditional Turkish dishes. Their pizzas are amazing, and I confess to going there to taste all of their pizza options. The vegetarian dumplings are also great if you like Asian cuisine.

You can also order Turkish wine among the great variety of brands they sell. The desserts are quite simple but miraculously amazing! I think the service is five-star with professional, helpful, patient waitresses.

The live music at this restaurant is what makes it truly special. Here, you’ll find great artists singing and playing jazz. I promise that when you dine here, you’ll feel like you’re in a top-rated European restaurant.

Authentic Turkish Breakfast

One of the most important Turkish poets, Cemal Süreya, once said, “Breakfast must have something to do with happiness.”

Breakfast is essential to the Turkish people’s daily routine, which is why most restaurants also serve breakfast.

Here are my favorite restaurants at which to have breakfast.

Mermerli Restaurant

This beautifully decorated restaurant is located just over Mermerli Beach, overlooking the Kaleiçi Bay. If you’d like to have breakfast before jumping into the sea, this is the best place to do it.

Mermerli serves a great dinner and lunch, but their breakfast is also superb, so I prefer to grab breakfast here and have lunch or dinner elsewhere, at one of the restaurants I suggested above.

Here, they offer a grand breakfast with unlimited Turkish tea. I suggest tasting the honey, cheese, tomatoes, and olives produced in the surrounding regions. You’ll realize they have a great variety of homemade marmalades–be sure to try the bergamot marmalade, which is fantastic.

They also sell börek, a Turkish pastry filled with things from cheese to potatoes. I like to order a hot dish that’ll keep me satiated for a long time. Once more, I have to warn you that the portions are always large and satisfying in Antalya, especially for breakfast.

Prices are what you’d expect but tend to be high due to the restaurant’s great location. The waitresses are exceptionally friendly, and they were really helpful while trying to choose from the extensive menu.

Paşa Kır Bahçesi

If you want to experience a real Turkish breakfast, you must try this place.

At Paşa Kır Bahçesi, they serve a traditional village breakfast in the mountains surrounded by nature. I suggest you come here on the weekend to enjoy the bazaar which sells fresh organic produce right next to the restaurant.

They also serve a great variety of gözleme, which is a pancake filled with cheese, potatoes, spinach, aubergine, or sweet things like Nutella, marmalade, or bananas. There are also different kinds of cheese and a warm, homemade warm village bread, called bazlama, with butter.

You can also enjoy countless types of olives, jams, and fruit. While eating, drinking Turkish tea works like magic to help you to eat more and more. The result is that it will be really hard for you to stop drinking tea and eating in this place.

There’s a 20-minute ride to the village and restaurant. Once there, you can choose an authentic small, wooden house with a table, and sit back and wait for the friendly waitress. The service is really fast, so you don’t have to worry of dying of hunger before you’re served.

During breakfast, feel free to walk around and enjoy nature. There’s a playground inside the restaurant if you bring your children with. Since the restaurant is located close to the mountains and inside the forest, the weather is a bit cooler. If you still find it warm, ask for a table near a fan.

Sweet Places to Eat Dessert

There are a lot of hidden gems selling great desserts in Antalya, and I want to mention two special places you need to visit before you leave.

Çikolata Evim

Located right in the center of Antalya, this place sells a great variety of good quality desserts. While you walk around Konyaaltı, just follow the wonderful smell of chocolate, and you’ll find this tiny place.

The place has great décor, making it seem like a chocolate restaurant. The number of menu items reinforces this impression. If you want my advice, I’d suggest trying the fudge brownie or a waffle with coffee.

You can also get some refreshing ice-cream if you go there during the day. The portions are quite large, making the price worth it. The waitress was super friendly and nice. I highly recommend this place to all chocolate lovers.

Dondurma Dükkanı

If you’re an ice-cream fan, this is the best ice-cream in town. You’ll soon realize that you can find ice-cream vendors all over the city–most of them sidewalk stalls–but this shop sells the best quality ever.

Their ice-cream is super creamy with memorable flavors. My favorites are the fruity ones like strawberry, watermelon, and raspberry since it feels like I’m eating fresh fruit. I also love adding caramel, chocolate, or coffee to my dish. There are no artificial additives or colorants–everything’s organic!

The prices are really affordable, compared to the quality and the portion size. Park your car next to the shop at any time–the place is open all day, until around 22:00. The staff is super-friendly and fast. You should certainly go to this place at least once during your stay.

Are You Satisfied Yet?

If you’ve tried all of the seafood, kebabs, breakfasts, and vegetarian pizzas followed by a giant brownie, you might feel a little tired, but if you’re still not satisfied, remember that the tea is always limitless. Just order another tea and relax, thinking the gigantic portions you managed to choke down throughout the day.

Afiyet olsun! (Enjoy your meal!)

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